BMW Airhead Boxer exhaust wrench tool 18-0-600

FlatRacer BMW R2v Airhead Boxer heavy duty exhaust wrench tool

FlatRacer BMW R2v Airhead Boxer heavy duty exhaust wrench tool 18-0-600

Suitable for all the BMW Airhead Boxer models made between 1970 and 1996 including the most popular models:

  • BMW R50/5, R60/5, R75/5
  • BMW R60/6, R75/6, R90/6
  • BMW R90S
  • BMW R100 RS
  • BMW R100 RT
  • BMW R100 S/CS
  • BMW R100 T
  • BMW R60/7
  • BMW R75/7
  • BMW R80/7
  • BMW R100/7
  • BMW R45
  • BMW R65
  • BMW R80 G/S
  • BMW R80 ST
  • BMW R65, R80 & R100 Monolver (1985 on)
  • BMW R65, R80 & R100 GS + Paris Dakar
  • BMW Paralever R100 R + Mystic

Replaces original BMW wrench 18-0-600

Heavy duty steel exhaust wrench tool to undo the notoriously recalcitrant BMW exhaust rose nuts that hold the exhaust manifolds to the cylinder heads. 

Unlike the similar use wrenches made of alloy, out tool will not bend, break or buckle under stress. In fact, it is an overkill for the job.


Although our tool, being made 8mm thick steel, can withstand a huge amount of stress, care should be exercised when undoing the exhaust rose nuts as too much force applied can easily ruin the cylinder head threads, a very common and well known problem. 

If the exhaust rose nuts prove too difficult to move, apply a good rust penetrating oil such as Wurth's Rost Off or similar and leave it for few days, regularly applying a fresh dose every so often. 

Try to apply gentle heat (heat gun) to the exhaust nuts, it may help undo it.

Move gently the tool back and forth in small increments and keep an eye for thread damage/galling. Lubricate as required and let the material cool down between moves to undo the nuts.

When re-fitting the exhaust rose nuts, apply a small dab of copper grease to the threads thus making it easier for the next soul that needs to remove them.

Outstanding sturdiness, quality and durability. Precision made for a perfect and accurate positive fit thus no slop present which reduces the chance of fin damage on the nuts. If the fins are bent or damaged, you may need to bend them back to the original shape in order for the tool to slide and engage.

Invaluable around the workshop for the BMW Airhead Boxer owner.

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