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BMW Airhead Boxer transmission output flange bolts torque adaptor - 00-2-560

BMW Airhead Boxer transmission output flange bolts torque adaptor

BMW Airhead Boxer transmission output flange bolts torque adaptor


Special tool, designed and developed by us, to enable tightening the bolts securing all the BMW Airhead Boxer models (69-96) driveshaft to the gearbox output flange to the correct torque, using a torque wrench.

Carefully produced, keeping a very accurate geometry and preserving the crucial dimensions of the original BMW tool 00.2.560, with a 44mm ctc, in order to accurately use a good quality, calibrated 3/8 torque wrench to the specified torque figure for your bike model (see list below).

Designed to work specifically with the original BMW 12 point stretch bolts, reference 26111242297. These should always be replaced by new original bolts from factory or OEM spec. The new BMW original ones come with a thread lock compound, ready to use. If the compound is not present (usually a pink coat on the threads), use Loctite blue thread lock. Do not use spring or wave washers on the new stretch type flanged bolts (13mm long)  as these are not designed to accept it.

Our tool is made heavy duty, laser cut, 8mm thick steel, hardened to 60 HRC, offering sturdiness and a long working life.

OBS: The tool has been hardened to circa 60 HRC, ensuring that it can withstand repeated heavy duty use. Notwithstanding, please see the advice below on how to use the tool correctly and avoid over-torqueing by not using the torque wrench correctly (ie: positioned at 90 degrees).

Replace original BMW tool 00-2-560

Torque figures, using the torque adaptor with a torque wrench positioned exactly at 90 degree angle to the adaptor:

- BMW /5 & /6           - 14.5mm long bolts          18-19 Lb/ft                  24.26Nm  (superseded by the later type stretch bolts, see below)

- BMW /7 & R45/65  - 13.0mm long bolts         28-31 Lb/ft                   38-42Nm

- BMW Monolever     - 13.0mm long bolts         23-29 Lb/ft                   32-40Nm

- BMW R100 GS       - 13.0mm long bolts         26-33Lb/ft                    35-45Nm

- All other models      - 13.0mm long bolts         28-31 Lb/ft                   38-42Nm


1 - Always use new BMW OEM bolts as these have a thread lock compound pre-applied and are stretched once fully tightened in place. Using the old bolts is not recommended as they may be distorted and unsafe to use.

2 - Fasten the bolts in increments, in a criss-cross pattern to evenly distribute the torque and ensuring the flanges are perfectly parallel and no distortion occurs. This can be done initially with a standard 12 point 10mm spanner.

2- Ensure that once the bolts are firmly hand tightened in place, you engage the torque adaptor tool fully and squarely into the NEW bolt heads. If the tool is not fully set or set an angle, damage will occur to the tool or bolts. If required, press the tool by hand squarely onto the bolt heads and hold it whilst in use.

3 - Ensure that the torque wrench is set to the correct and desired figure (shown above) and aligned at all times at 90 degrees to the tool. Failure to do so will risk over-torqueing and damaging the bolt heads or the tool (broken or rounded splines).

Failure to follow the user guidelines above will risk damaging the tool and/or the bolts. 

We will NOT accept returns of damaged tools due to over-torqueing.

Very useful and handy tool to keep in your tool roll for when dismantling the transmission flanges for repair, maintenance or simply the replacement of the rubber gaiter.

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