FlatRacer BMW R2v Airhead Boxer (69-78) Driveshaft Compressor Tool - 26-1-650

FlatRacer BMW R2v Airhead Boxer (69-78) Driveshaft Compressor Tool

FlatRacer BMW R2v Airhead Boxer (69-78) Driveshaft Compressor Tool - 26-1-650

Heavy duty BMW Airhead Boxer driveshaft compressor tool, it allows to disassemble easily and safely the BMW pre September 78 solid type driveshafts, with conical taper mounted end bells, in order to rebuild it or remove it fully from the swing arm for repairs or refurbishment.

The tool assembly comprises of:

  • 2 x Heavy duty steel 15mm thick half moon bottom puller flanges -  machined to fit perfectly around the driveshaft end bell 
  • 2 x Heavy duty M8 bolts, nuts & washers  - to safely engage and lock the two half moon flanges around the driveshaft end bell 
  • 1 x Heavy duty steel cylinder spacer - to fit between the driveshaft and the tool top puller plate
  • 2 x Heavy duty steel 10mm thick top puller plate
  • 4 x Heavy duty M10 bolts and washers - to safely extract the end bell by exerting pressure on the cylinder spacer/driveshaft

Designed by us to provide a sturdier alternative to the original and obsolete factory Matra tool (which will often be damaged and distorted due to the heavy loads applied). Designed to fit all BMW R2v Airhead Boxers road going models made between 1969 (/5 model on) up to September 1978 models (early type /7 Series) fitted with conical taper end bell type driveshafts.

Essential tool to disassemble these early type solid driveshafts in safety, designed to withstand frequent workshop use. With some lateral thinking, can also be used to remove coil springs from certain type of shock absorbers.

Replaces original BMW tool  26-1-650


1 - When using the tool, grease the M10 bolt threads to aid removal of the bell reduce wear on the threads.

2 - Apply small increments of pressure in a criss-cross form to the M10 bolts to evenly apply torque and reduce wear and undue loads

3 - The bell end is a taper fit and does require some force to remove and may pop out very suddenly with a loud noise. Proper tools and personal safety equipment should always be used at all times (gloves, eye protections etc).

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