Koni 7610 Dial-a-Ride + Ikon twin shocks pre-load adjuster stainless steel C spanner

Koni Dial-a-Ride 7610 + Ikon shock absorbers pre-load adjuster C spanner s/s tool 

BMW Airhead Boxer 1970-1996 Koni Dial-a-Ride 7610 + Ikon twin shocks pre-load adjuster C spanner stainless steel tool 

Sturdy, rust proof and compact stainless steel C spanner designed to adjust the spring pre-load on the old Koni Dial-a-Ride 2810 Series shock absorbers and their modern equivalent from IKON.

The Koni 7610 Series and the similar Ikon replacements continue to be a very popular high quality rear suspension shock absorbers for these motorcycles. This tool allows for their easy pre-load adjustment and their compact size means it can be easily stowed away in the tool box under the seat or the tool roll.

Fits all 7610 Series Koni ans similar Ikon rear shock absorbers such as the 7610-1298 (335mm ctc) commonly fitted to the BMW R2v Airhead Boxer twin shocks models such as R80, R100 etc. (70-84). Will also suit the shorter 7610-1427 (325mm ctc) shocks as fitted to the R45/65 models (78-84).

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