About Us

FlatRacer - Classic and Cafe Racer motorcycle parts & accessories. 

FlatRacer started as a hobby back in 2006, with the big question, "What If?” Why not modify a BMW Airhead into a Cafe Racer? They are ultra-reliable, oil tight, handle and stop quite well and are decently fast but not exactly very good looking.

After looking into different bikes done over the years by several enthusiasts, what struck out the most was the lack of parts specifically designed to convert an Airhead into a Cafe Racer, with most bikes ending up with mixed results.  

We then bought three project bikes and decided to start from scratch by designing and developing a cosmetic kit that would fit the BMW standard frame. Paramount in our minds was developing parts that required no irreversible modifications so the bikes could be returned to their original condition at any given time, easily and quickly. 

The original idea was to build ourselves a very fast Airhead (1980 BMW R100 RS The Shed) and sell the other two Cafe Racers to pay for the tooling and mouldings but interest and demand was so high that we decided to do a short run of parts to enable other enthusiasts to convert their Airheads into stunning Cafe Racers. 

The Full Cafe Racer and Cosmetic kits proved themselves incredibly popular by their design, price/quality and the fact that they come pre-trimmed, pre-drilled and pre-fitted, removing nearly all the aggro that most Cafe Racers builders face, that is to adopt parts to their frames.

As Motorcycle and especially Classics & Cafe Racers enthusiasts, we are completely dedicated to your total satisfaction; it is our mission to provide you top quality and unique parts developed and produced by us, at the keenest price with an outstanding, friendly service, providing all the advice you may need during your build. Please do contact us with any query you may have, we will be more than happy to assist.