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FlatRacer BMW K series radiator 6.5" fan kit (83-96)

FR BMW K series radiator fan 6.5"

FlatRacer BMW K series radiator 6.5" fan kit

FlatRacer BMW K series radiator 6.5" fan kit - fit K100, K75, K1 & K1100 models (83-96)

Replacement up-rated radiator fan kit for the BMW K series, which includes a 3mm stainless steel (A304) adaptor plate, s/s fasteners and a high flow 80W fan. 

Complete with the correct electrical plug for a straight, easy and direct fit. PLUG & PLAY!

It fits all BMW K series made between 1983 and 1996, including:

  • BMW K100
  • BMW K75
  • BMW K1
  • BMW K1100

The failure of the BMW K Series radiator fan is a well know issue. The fan motor tends to fail without warning and by the time you realize it, the engine may have overheated with inevitable expensive consequences (blown head gasket, warped cylinder head etc).

Under normal riding conditions, this is seldom an issue unless riding in very hot climates . The original cooling system is designed to trigger then fan when the coolant rises above 104 degree Celsius. However when riding around town or sitting in slow moving traffic, this can quickly become a serious issue. 

On the later 16v models (Motronic) , BMW fitted a thinner radiator (2 row instead of the earlier 3 row) to accommodate the larger air filter box fitted. Unfortunately this only exacerbates the over-heating issue..

K series bikes tend to run quite hot, as you are probably well aware from the heat being radiated towards your legs, especially on the faired models (RS, RT, LT). BMW tried to address this by lining the fuel tank and side panels (16v models) with a heat proof membrane, with limited success. Rising temperatures can also cause in some instances fuel vapour lock, causing poor engine running or even stopping until the fuel pump cools (happened to us in our K1100 RS back in the summer of 2000 riding in Central London). 

Our kits offers a more efficient solution by using a modern hi-flow 6.5" 80w electrical fan, complete with very high quality, corrosion proof stainless steel adaptor plate (3mm - A304 grade) along with the required s/s fasteners and the correct electrical wiring connector plug for a straight forward installation. An excellent solution for a well known problem at a fraction of the cost of the original fan.

Replaces original BMW radiator fan: 17401460427 


It is a good ideal to thoroughly check your coolant system including the condition of the rubber hoses (look closely for signs of cracks and deterioration and undue hardness), radiator and expansion tank. Flush the system and fill with new coolant.

Please also check the condition of your radiator filler cap as these can sometimes fail |(seal).

Please check the condition of your thermal switch (temperature sensor), If in doubt regarding its condition, replace (BMW part 61311459197)

if you ride often in town and the engine seems to run quite hot thus making it uncomfortable (heat radiation to the riders' legs), you may consider fitting a manual over-ride switch. Contact us for more details regarding this useful modification.

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