Carburettor dual synchronizer

Motorcycle dual carburettor synchroniser

Motorcycle dual carburettor synchroniser

Excellent quality motorcycle carburettor dual synchronizer, allowing to adjust simultaneously two carburettors, especially useful on the BMW Airhead Boxer models fitted with the Bing 32mm and 40mm Contant Vacuum (CV) carburettors.

The synchronizer can be easily connected to the BMW Bing CV carburettors using the small vacuum take off at the outlet stubs, on the underside, thus avoiding removing the original inlet tract and providing thus a more accurate vacuum reading.

The vacuum gauges are adjustable and calibrated via a small screw in their faces, accessed by removing the clear acrylic cover.

This kit also includes the very effective vacuum signal dampers (nylon T junctions) with allow adjustment so the gauge needle readings will be steadier and easier to interpret.

This kits includes

  • 2 x Carburettor vacuum gauges
  • 1 x Steel backing including screws for the gauges
  • 2 x Vacuum T junction dampers
  • 1  x Section of vacuum rubber hose
  • 2 x Brass vacuum connector pipes (long & short reach)

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