FlatRacer BMW R90S cockpit fairing kit - basic

FR BMW R90S cockpit fairing kit - BASIC

FlatRacer BMW R90S cockpit fairing kit - basic

The iconic BMW R90S cockpit fairing, the first fairing to be fitted on a mass produced motorcycle from the manufacturer, it inspired countless designs including Guzzi LeMans, Kawasaki Z1R, Suzuki GS1000S etc, etc.

This FlatRacer BMW R90S replica cockpit fairing kit is designed to fit any BMW R2v /6 and /7 Series plus Monolevers (correct brackets supplied at no extra cost) and to be as near bolt on as possible, following closely the original design. It comprises:  


  • FR BMW R90S replica cockpit fairing 
  • BMW OEM black plastic cockpit dash
  • FR BMW R90S clear screen - standard size - pre-drilled
  • Screen lower edge rubber trim
  • 11 (one extra) x M4 s/s screen csk bolts+conical s/s washers, s/s small penny washers + nyloc nuts + rubber spacers
  • FR BMW R90S cockpit fairing inner s/s small angled brackets (pair)  + required s/s M6 fasteners
  • BMW OEM small rubber grommets (pair) for angle brackets + s/s bushes
  • FR tubular s/s brackets (pair) + required s/s M6 fasteners
  • FR top yoke (flat) s/s brackets (pair) + required s/s M6 fasteners
  • Stainless steel M6 long yoke locating bolts + washers & nyloc nuts  

Our FR R90S cockpit fairing is a fibreglass faithful replica, stronger than the crack prone originals. It is very sturdy, thick (typically between 4 to 6mm), it will not flex or shake at speed. Very well finished with a fairly smooth surface inside (we use GRP surface mat for a better finish)  with our usual attention to details so no air bubbles, cracks, frayed edges etc. 

All the parts are pre-drilled, pre-trimmed and pre-mated so very little preparation work is required to fit apart from painting.

We've adopted the original inner fairing fastening set up, albeit using nylon lugs with a captive M6 brass nut, therefore much stronger than the original fairing,  a refined solution rarely adopted due to the complexity and extra labour required. 

IMPORTANT: This kit includes only the upper fairing mounting set.

This fairing requires the use of the original BMW R90S handlebar or similar size (22mm) low rise handelbar. Check out our options

We offer several other options for headlight pegs including the original type, indicator lower mounting stalks, the lower fittings, dashboard, headlight rubber seal, voltmeter & clock, wiring sub-loom, handlebars and many other parts to cater for several different set ups, budgets and requirements. Please check our other listings or contact us through info@flatracer.com

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