FlatRacer BMW R90S replica handlebar

FlatRacer BMW R90S replica chrome 22.0mm handlebar

FlatRacer BMW Airhead Boxer R90S replica chrome 22.0mm handlebar

Accurate replica of the original BMW R90S handlebar, strictly keeping the same dimensions and geometries.

Excellent quality, sturdy and well finished.

Replaces the original BMW handlebar 32711233126 (superseded now by 32712303042)

Specifically produced for those customers who wish to retain exactly the same riding position and look of the original R90S, first introduced in 1973 with its iconic cockpit fairing and colour schemes (Grey Smoke & Daytona Orange).

Suitable for bikes fitted with or without the cockpit fairing, especially suited for pre September 1980 models fitted with R90S cockpit fairing and under tank front brake master cylinder.

Can be fitted to later bikes fitted with the R90S fairing and handlebar mounted front brake master cylinder but minor adjustments may be required. 

Alternatively, we've developed a replacement handlebar (Euro type) specifically to work with these later post 81 models fitted with the R90S cockpit fairing and bar mounted brake master cylinders so it differs slightly by being lower (less rise), wider and offering less pullback. Please see our other listings.

Please see the photo gallery for comparison between our FR R90S vs FR Euro type handlebars and see which could suit you best.

Approximate dimensions for our FR R90S handlebars are:

  • Total width: 600mm
  • Total height: 100mm
  • Rise: 85mm
  • Pull back: 100mm
  • Centre section width: circa 180mm
  • Grip length: circa 180mm
  • Tube diameter (raw): 22.0mm OD (ideal fit for the BMW switch gear and throttle unlike the more common 7/8" bars)


Please note that these bars are made using standardised 22.0mm OD steel tubing with a 2mm thick wall. However, our suppliers tend to apply an heavier deposit of copper, nickel and chrome plating than the original bars for better corrosion resistance and a nicer finish. 

The final OD of these bars once chromed is circa 22.07 -22.1mm.

In the vast majority of bikes, these bars will accept the original BMW switch gear and throttle without issues. However, in few exceptional cases you may need to gently pry open the switch gear housings and slight tweak the throttle for a better and smoother fit. Please contact us for further fitting advice.

Please bear in mind that these bars are fairly narrow. On some instances, depending on positioning and type fitted, the throttle may protrude slightly past the end of the bar. please refer to the usable grip area length (circa 180mm). This does not affect fit or correct operation.

NB: Please note that this is a bulky item thus the higher shipping costs due to the volumetric weight. Please note that other smaller items can be sent for little or no additional shipping charges. We will very gladly combine shipping costs. Please contact us for more details.

A perfect fit for the pre 81 bikes fitted with the BMW R90S cockpit fairing fitted with under tank mounted front brake master cylinder. Will also fit quite nicely all other BMW Airhead Boxer models originally fitted with low and medium rise bars. The RT models and US spec models fitted with high rise/level bars may require new control cables (shorter) or re-routing of control cables and electrical sub-looms.

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