BMW Monolever Top Yoke Kit

FlatRacer BMW Airhead Boxer Monolever (1985 - 1996) Top Yoke Kit

This kit features:

  • FlatRacer BMW Monolever (Oct 85-96) polished stainless steel replica top yoke plate (4mm) 
  • FlatRacer pair of stainless steel/phosphorous bronze fork pre-load adjusters complete with black nylon spacers
  • FlatRacer polished s/s fork top washers (pair)
  • FlatRacer s/s top steering nut 
  • BMW 16mm enamel badge

Our FR stainless steel top yoke plate is a direct replacement of the original which will accept the BMW headlight pegs/handlebar risers and instruments' bracket. 

The fork pre-load adjusters allow fine tuning for the suspension pre-load according to the roads ridden and riding style. 

The stainless steel construction of all the kit components will ensure a corrosion free finish and ease of maintenance..

This kit represents outstanding value for money, with a significant saving over its individually sold items.

Fits all the BMW Monolever Series models, made after October 1985 to 1996 fitted with the original 38.5mm fork stanchions. 

NB: Our fork pre-load adjusters fit only the later type of Monolever forks, with the fork top spigots held by a circlip. It does NOT fit the early Monolever forks (September 1984-September 1985) fitted with M34 threaded fork top spigots.

Outstanding period look, sturdiness, quality and durability.


1 - In order to clear the fork pre-load bronze adjusters, higher rise and/or offset handlebars may be required, adjusted and set back. Contact us for further advice.

2 - The 16mm BMW enamel badge has a 3M adhesive backing. However, to ensure proper and safe fit, the nut recess surfaces needs to be thoroughly cleaned and de-greased. We strongly recommend that you also apply a tiny drop of superglue or similar applied to the badge backing.

Similar kits also available for the earlier /5, /6 & /7 models, please see our other listings.

Progressive forks springs, seals, fork braces etc. also available for us separately or as a complete package. Please contact us for more details.

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