FlatRacer BMW Airhead Boxer stainless steel seat lock spigot - 52531452295 + 52531452296

FR BMW s/s seat spigot

BMW /5, /6, R90S, /7, R45/65 & Monolever stainless steel seat catch locking spigot

FlatRacer BMW R2v Airhead Boxer /5, /6, R90S, /7, R45/65 Series and the later post 1985 Monolever stainless steel seat catch locking spigot - 52531452295 + 52531452296

This kit includes:

  • 1 x FlatRacer BMW Airhead Boxer stainless steel seat catch locking spigot (extra long threaded section) - 52531452295
  • 1 x BMW OEM conical rubber stop - 52531452296
  • 1 x M8 stainless steel half width counter lock nut
  • 1 x M8 stainless steel wave washer
  • 1 x M8 x 25mm stainless steel penny washer
  • 1 x M8 zinc plated steel rivnut - extra long (requires special rivet tool) - zinc plated rivnut to prevent stainless steel thread galling

The spigot assembly is comprised of the M8 stainless steel plated catch lock spigot (extra long), conical rubber stop, M8 s/s adjusting half nut & s/s M8 penny washer 

We also include a zinc plated M8 rivnut (extra long, also suits thick fibreglass seat bases), supplied in case you need to repair your seat base.

Outstanding finish, sturdiness, quality and durability. These stainless steel (inox) spigots are M8 threaded with an extra long thread section to cater for aftermarket seats, especially those with fibreglass or plastic bases. Our spigot assembly features the correct BMW OEM conical rubber stop plus s/s fasteners, unlike cheaper copies .

This seat catch locking is spigot is a direct replacement of the original item fitted to most BMW road models seats (including the single TIC and R100 RS 3/4 solo seats) such as:

- BMW /5 Series (70-73) including the R50/5, the R60/5 and the R75/5

- BMW /6 (73-76) including the R60/6, R75/6 and R90/6

- BMW R90S (73-75) 

- BMW /7 Series (76-84) which include the R60/7, R75/7, R80/7, R100/7, R100S, R100CS, R100 RT, R100 RS, R100 T etc.

- BMW R45 & R65 (78-84)

- BMW Monolever (1985 on)

Replaces BMW parts: 52531452295 + 5253142296   


Can be fitted to several other aftermarket/replica seats that use the same seat catch locking spigot including our own replicas and Cafe Racer seats (made to order).


1 - These replace the original BMW seat catch lock spigot fitted to the BMW /5, /6 , /7 Series, R90S, R45/65 and Monolever models. Please look carefully at the photos to ensure these are the correct ones for your bike or contact us for more info. 

2 - If you need to repair your seat base (commonly corroded/rotten around the seat hinges), please contact us for advice and parts, we can also supply stainless steel hinges, stainless steel fasteners, seat covers, seat foams, etc. to help you repair your seat base.

We will gladly combine shipping/postage costs. Please contact us with your requirements before purchasing or paying so we can revise the total costs.

Other seat related parts also available for sale including stainless steel hinges, polished alloy trims, s/s fasteners, grab rails (R90S type), luggage racks (R100 RS/RT type), seat covers, seat foams and complete seats (built to order). Please contact us with your requirements.

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