FlatRacer BMW R100 RS 1978 Motorsport dual sports seat - blue seat cover

FR BMW R100 RS 1978 Motorsport blue seat

FlatRacer BMW R100 RS 1978 Motorsport dual sports seat - blue seat cover

FlatRacer BMW R100 RS 1978 Motorsport dual sports seat - blue seat cover

FlatRacer BMW R100 RS Motorsport blue dual sports seat. Exclusively presented in the 1978 BMW R100 RS Motorsport special edition, a rare model presented in very limited numbers, allegedly a cancelled order of 200 bikes manufactured for a foreign Police Force, 

These 200 bikes were then prepared for public sale with several different options such as the distinctive white bodywork with a red headlight panel, blue seat and often white panniers. Many as these bikes (reported to be 50) took part of a advertising stunt with journalists from all over Europe riding from the Munich headquarters to several European cities. Their travels and experiences were later related to the specialised press at the time.

This seat proved to be a very popular option, combining an attractive look with comfort and practicality but unfortunately the seat bases are made of steel that after several wet winters, dissolved to crumbling rust.

This pattern seat has been developed by us with the mission of producing a very accurate replica of the highest quality, ditching the metal bases has these rust notoriously.  Fits exactly as per the original with a seat base made of sturdy GRP (5-7mm), for corrosion resistance and strength, finished in semi-gloss black, for that original look, extra strong (5-7mm thick), reinforced with 600gr/m2 woven roving (similar to yatch construction methods), flexible yet nigh on unbreakable. No more rusted seats!

Fitted with a very precise and accurate replica of the original seat cover and foam, produced exactly in the same dimensions as BMW designed it over 40 years ago. Upholstered with our replica, dual skinned, padded blue seat cover, which is the closes shade we could find in modern materials to the original BMW R100 RS 1978 Motorsport special edition seat. this seat can also be fitted to the R90S models and all the /7 Series (76-84). 

Other seat covers options available including the later R90S plain cover, the later pleated cover in black and an off-white cover, similar to the 1979 R100 RT albeit with the earlier pleated pattern. Please check our other listings for these options.

Special care was given to the edges and drilling points with each seat assembly individually checked and finished by hand by us. All the captive threaded nuts are present (M5) in order to fit the original or our pattern seat cowl, exactly in the same positions as the original BMW seat. 

The seat base is pre-trimmed and drilled to accept the original service booklet lid (fitted for illustration purposes only (sadly no longer available new from BMW). It also includes our own upgraded stainless steel hinges, zinc plated steel locking rod and its conical rubber stop, all the rubber stops fitted on the base (bolt on allowing adjustment via spacers if required) plus all the necessary seat fasteners, including those for the cowl, in stainless steel, pre-fitted.

The FlatRacer seat assembly includes a very accurate replica of the original seat cowl, made of sturdy, glossy white GRP (black available as a special request), pre-trimmed and drilled, complete with an original BMW logo and fitted with our own high quality pattern rear luggage rack in black (chrome available at extra cost, depending on availability), complete with all the necessary stainless fasteners and BMW spacers.

OPTIONS: We can pre-fit our replica BMW R90S chrome grab rail instead of the luggage rack, at no extra costs. If you prefer this option, please click it on the options list.

Please don't confuse this seat with other patterns on the market, our seat base alone weighs more than double than most pattern seats on the market and the care we lavish in each seat shines through!

Lovingly hand crafted, beautifully finished with unparalleled attention to detail, the best replacement seat you can buy. 

IMPORTANT: This seat assembly is made to order to fit each specific bike model and customer's requests. Please do allow us circa 2 weeks to have it ready from point of order.

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