BMW /5, /6 & /7 (70-84) fork pre-load adjusters

FR BMW /7 fork pre-load adjusters

FlatRacer BMW R2v Airhead Boxer /5, /6 , /7 & R90S (70-84) fork pre-load adjusters (pair) 

FlatRacer BMW R2v Airhead Boxer /5, /6 , /7 & R90S (1970-1984) fork pre-load adjusters (pair)

This sale includes:

  • FlatRacer BMW /5, /6 & /7 stainless steel threaded fork top bolts (pair) 
  • FlatRacer BMW /5, /6 & /7 polished phosphorous bronze fork pre-load adjusters (pair)
  • FlatRacer BMW /5, /6 & /7 stainless steel 3mm fork top washers (pair)
  • M12 black nylon spacers (pair) - stops abrasion and absorbs impact between fork springs and bronze adjusters.

The fork pre-load adjusters allow fine tuning for the suspension pre-load according to the roads ridden and riding style.

The FlatRacer BMW /5, /6 & /7 fork pre-load adjusters replace the often damaged and rusty fork top bolts & fork top washers and its top caps (chrome for the /5, /6 & R90S, plastic for the /7 series).

Please do not confuse these items with inferior copies made of alloy. Stainless steel, although much more expensive to machine, it is longer lasting, easier to maintain and sturdier. The expensive phosphorous bronze adjusters stop thread galling and allow fine adjustments plus offer a very nice cosmetic contrast.

Fits all the BMW /5, /6 & /7 including the R90S with 36mm fork stanchions made between 1970 and 1984.

It will NOT fit other models such as R45/65 and the later Monolever/Paralever. We do have available similar fork pre-load adjusters for the Monolever models (post October 1985), please see our other listings.

Outstanding period look, sturdiness, quality and durability.

IMPORTANT: These fork pre-load adjusters sit higher on the top yoke so extra clearance is required with certain type of yoke mounted handlebars. Please adjust or replace the bars to suit this application. 

Part of our Triple Clamp and Top Yoke kits (shown in this listing for illustration purposes only, not included in this sale), please see our other listings for details.

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