FR BMW Airhead Boxer gearbox flange puller tool - 23 1 700 + 23 1 710

FlatRacer BMW Airhead Boxer gearbox flange puller tool - 23 1 700 - 23 1 710

FlatRacer BMW Airhead Boxer gearbox flange puller tool - 23 1 700 - 23 1 710

Set of heavy duty tool set developed by us to remove the BMW Airhead Boxer gearbox output flange thus allowing to extract the rear cover to access its innards.

This tool set includes:

  • Retainer wrench - heavy duty steel, 460mm long, 8mm thick, 4 mounting holes. Incorporated 1/2" square drive f/ breaker bar
  • Puller plate - heavy duty steel, 100mm wide, 8mm thick, 4 mounting holes - to be used with a 3 jaw  puller (NOT included)
  • Shim plate - heavy duty steel, 72mm wide, 4 mounting holes - to provide enough gearbox housing clearance for the tools above
  • 4 x M8x1.00 (fine pitch) bolts + washers 

Especially designed by us as a stronger and more effective alternative to the original BMW/Matra tools (ref. 23 1700 + 23 1 710), that will withstand repetitive and heavy workshop use without fail or wearing, at a more economical cost.

This gearbox flange puller will allow the easy and safe removal of the often recalcitrant BMW R2v Boxer (70-96) gearbox output flange, allowing to remove the rear cover to access the box internal components for repair or servicing.

We've developed the retainer wrench tool so the torque offered by its great length (46cm, circa 18") makes easy work to hold the output flange whilst the output shaft centre nut  (24mm) can be safely removed. We were careful to integrate the four mounting points for the flange, unlike the original tool (2 mounting holes) so the torque can be spread more evenly, reducing thus the chance of damage.

The retainer tool has a 1/2" square drive hole at its end with a small rounded notch to allow the further use of a breaker bar (if required) and hang it on the workshop wall/tool board if you so wish it.

The puller plate and shim allows the use of a standard 3 jam puller (not included) to easily and safely remove the gearbox output flange. 

The supplied shim creates enough clearance when fitted between the output flange and the retainer wrench or the puller so no damage can occur to the gearbox relatively fragile alloy casing. 

We supply the required M8 x 1.00 (fine pitch) bolts to safely secure the retainer wrench or the puller/shim in place.

Invaluable tool for those embarking on a BMW R2v Airhead gearbox service and repair.

Replaces BMW tools references:

  • 23 1 700    (retainer wrench)
  • 23 1 710     (puller)

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