FlatRacer BMW Short sub-frame kit - BMW /5, /6, / 7 Series & R45/65 - 1970-1984

FlatRacer sub-frame kit

FlatRacer BMW Short sub-frame kit - BMW /5, /6, / 7 Series & R45/65  - 1970-1984

FlatRacer BMW Short sub-frame kit - BMW /5, /6, / 7 Series & R45/65  - 1970-1984

Our new BMW short sub-frame kit, designed to fit all the BMW R2v made between 1970 and 1984 (twin shocks), from the early /5 series (SWB & LWB) to the later /7 Series, encompassing the /6 and R45/65 Series.

Our sub-frame keeps its geometry very close to the original BMW sub-frame, allowing us to keep the same shock absorber length and to position our seat aligned with the BMW fuel tank lower edge for a smooth flowing line and stance.  Its seat will lock and hinge like the original BMW seats, by fitting your lock mechanism in our frame.

Our BMW short sub-frame kit comprises:

  • FR short sub-frame
  • Upper shock absorbers mounting stainless steel fasteners
  • Offset RH lower shock mounting stud and s/s M10 nyloc nut + washer
  • Sub-frame M8 stainless steel mounting fasteners
  • Fitted and adjusted rubber stops for the seat (bolt on w/ M5 s/s fasteners)
  • FR Short seat – upholstered in pleated dark chocolate brown or black
  • Removable mid seat strap (bolt on w/ M5 s/s fasteners)
  • FR stainless steel seat hinges (pair) + stainless steel fasteners
  • BMW OEM type stainless steel seat clocking spigot + conical rubber bush, s/s half nut + washer


The FlatRacer short sub-frame has been designed and developed with strength and torsional rigidity in mind, a notorious weak point on the original BMW sub-frames. Our sub-frame is built with oval tubing reinforcements and features double wall tubing at its mounting points. Very strong mounts/spacers are welded in place to accept the original or replacement shock absorbers.

It includes our newly developed short seat pre-fitted with s/s hinges and locking spigot, allowing to easily access the battery and tank mounts.  The seat base is available in two versions (long or short to suit different BMW tanks) built to our usual standards in sturdy GRP (fibreglass) with typically 5-7+ mm thickness (will not rust or break).

The seat incorporates a trimmed foam with the correct density and a choice of hot pressed (reducing the risk of water or humidity ingress) pleated seat covers, available in black or dark chocolate brown. The seat cover is supplied with a mid-strap which is removable.

For those who wish to fit mudguards and a tail light (and indicators), we do offer for sale some tail lights that we can pre-fit in place, some of the most popular options are listed below. Please do contact us with your requirements.


1 - Please do let us know your bike model and year at the checkout so we can ensure we will prepare this kit to fit correctly.

2 - Diamond quilt seat covers only available for the post 1976 models (/7 & R45 & R65)

This kit is carefully hand built and trial tested to order to fit each specific bike model and customer requests. Please allow us 2 to 5 weeks, dep[ending on our work schedule, for it to be ready to ship.

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