FlatRacer BMW R2v (pre 1981) Dell Orto PHM38 conversion kit

FlatRacer BMW R2v (pre 1981) Dell Orto PHM38 conversion kit

The famous and legendary "pumper" Dell'Orto carburettors fitted to the BMW R90S. Outstanding performance due to its accelerator pump design (injecting additional 4cc of fuel every time you WOT) giving instant acceleration through the gears.

After many requests from our customers to have a ready-made kit, we present you our FlatRacer BMW R2v Dell Orto PHM38 conversion kit. This kit comprises all the necessary parts to fit on the pre 1981 BMW R2v Series. It includes:


  • Pair of brand new Dell Orto PHM 38's (pair)
  • Stainless steel cylinder head adaptor stubs (pair)
  • Original BMW inlet tract tubes (pair)
  • Original BMW rubber sleeves (pair)
  • K&N replacement air filter (round type for 70-80 models)
  • Pair of throttle cables
  • Pair choke cables


1 - Original 70mm Dell Orto alloy bell mouths and conical air filters are also available as optional fitting to the replacement air filter. Please do contact us with your specific requirements and we will compose a kit to your specifications.

3 - Manual choke levers can be fitted at no extra cost thus eliminating the need for choke cables and its mechanism.

2 - PHM40s (40mm) are also available as special request but please bear in mind that these are only really suitable for race/tuned engines.

A vast range of spares for these Dell Orto carburettors are available including jets, needles, slides, air trumpets (bell mouths), tuning manual, etc. Please contact us with your requirements.

NB:  These kits are assembled to order. Please do allow us circa 3-7 days to have it fully prepared for you.

Kits for later bikes also available although some modifications (cables' outer sleeving shortened) are required.

A superb kit, offering a noticeable improvement of throttle response and overall performance. Ideally suited for 900 and 1000cc engines or smaller engines tuned for performance such as those using our Perfomance and 1000cc conversion kits. 

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