FlatRacer BMW K1, K100 RS 16v & K1100 progressive fork springs - 31422310348

FlatRacer BMW K1, K100 RS 16v & K1100 (92-96) progressive fork springs 

FlatRacer BMW K1, K100 RS 16v & K1100 (92-96) progressive fork springs - 31422310348

This sale consists of:

  • 1 x Pair FlatRacer BMW K100 & K75 (K2v series) progressive fork springs (pair)

This set of springs is designed to fit all BMW K1, K100 RS 16 and K1100 models fitted with the later 41.7mm Marzocchi forks 


  • K1                      (09/1988 to 08/1993)
  • K100 RS 16v     (09/1989 to 08/1992)    
  • K1100 RS          (09/1992 to 08/1996)
  • K1100 LT           (09/1991 to 08/1999

IMPORTANT: It will NOT fit the early K75 and K100 series models (2v heads) fitted with the 41.3mm Brembo or Fichtel & Sachs forks. It will also NOT fit the K75 models introduced after August 1991 (40mm Showa forks).

The FlatRacer BMW K4v Series pair of progressive fork springs are designed for improved handling and ride. The progressive winding means that as the suspension becomes compressed the springs become stronger, offering a more controlled suspension movement.

Their coil design with its rising rate allows to gently absorb small road bumps, greatly contributing for a comfortable ride but as you ride through harsher terrain (pot holes, bumps and other road imperfections), the springs will gradually firm up to provide a very controlled ride. 

Another noticeable advantage over the standard linear springs is the greater control it offers over front end dive when braking, which is very noticeable on a BMW K series with tired springs due to its heavy weight often further compounded by big fairings, panniers, pillion luggage etc.

Heat treated for a long working life and ground ends ensuring a correct and positive fit. 

BMW K series forks springs tend to get work fatigue and become inefficient in as little as 3 years of normal riding. This tends to aggravate an already softly sprung front end with its long suspension travel. BMW in fact recommended their replacement every three to five years, depending on usage. 

The result never fails to impress for how much stabler and compliant the front end will feel. 

New oil and seals are also recommended.  

Fits all the BMW K1, K100 RS 16 v and K1100 models fitted with the original Marzocchi 41.7mm forks.

Replaces original BMW fork springs: 31422310348

Similar fork springs'sets available for other models, please check our other listings.


1 - If your forks are fitted with the original alloy or nylon spacers (on top of the springs), please re-fit these when replacing the springs. 

2 - When replacing the springs, it is highly recommended that you also change the fork oil. Please check the workshop manual for the correct viscosity for your specific model or contact us for further advice.

Similar progressive springs  are also available for the earlier  K2v series fitted with the Fichtel & Sachs or Brembo 41.3mm forks. Please contact us for more details regarding suitability and fir for your bike and delivery schedule.

Please note that this is a fairly bulky/long item thus the higher shipping costs. We will very gladly combine shipping costs. If interested in any other items, please contact us for a quote or invoice.

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