Dell Orto PHM38 carburettor set

Dell Orto PHM38 carburettor set

Dell Orto PHM38 carburettor set

The famous and legendary "pumper" Dell'Orto carburettors fitted to the BMW R90S. Outstanding performance due to its accelerator pump design (injecting additional 4cc of fuel every time you WOT - wide open throttle) giving instant acceleration through the gears.

Brand new, original Dell Orto set (pair) of accelerator (pumper) carburettors, carefully built on new 2021 factory tooling.

These are built with the standard M52 threaded intakes (52 x 1.25mm) that can accept either the original black plastic BMW inlet tracts or the specific Dell Orto bellmouth trumpets (please see our other listings).

These PHM pumper carbs have slide/clamp on type connection to the cylinder head stub (45 to 48mm scope), exactly as per the original specification for the BMW R90S engines. 

For those converting other BMW models to use these carburettors, please see our PHM38 and PHM40 conversion kits, which includes all the required parts including stainless steel cylinder head stubs. These offer fantastic value money when compared with the superlative perfomance offered and the high cost of refurbishing/replacing the original Bing CV carbs.

Standard R90S jetting and set up, as follows:

  • 605 Slide
  • K4 Needle
  • 260 AB atomiser
  • 155 Main Jet
  • 60 Idle Jet
  • 38 Pump Jet
  • 60 Choke Jet
  • 300 Float valve
  • 7450.1 Floats - 8.5 grams

This standard jetting has also be proven to be quite adequate for the later R100 (980cc) standard engines (65 to 70 HP), fitted with the standard 308 camshaft.


1 - Manual choke levers can be fitted at no extra cost thus eliminating the need for choke cables and its mechanism.

PHM40s (40mm) are also available as special request but please bear in mind that these are only really suitable for race/tuned engines.

A vast range of spares for these Dell Orto carburettors are available including jets, needles, slides, air trumpets (bell mouths), tuning manual, etc. Please contact us with your requirements.

As previously mentioned, we can supply Dell Orto PHM38 and PHM40 conversion kits for those wishing to replace the original BMW Bing CV carburettors and convert other BMW Airhead Boxer models to use these carburettors. Please see our other listings.

A superb upgrade, offering a noticeable improvement of throttle response and overall performance. Ideally suited for 900 and 1000cc engines or smaller engines tuned for performance such as those using our Perfomance and 1000cc conversion kits. 

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