BMW Monolever (85 on) GRP short front mudguard

FlatRacer BMW Airhead Boxer Monolever (85 on) GRP (fibreglass) short front mudguard

FlatRacer BMW R2v Airhead Boxer Monolever (1985 on)  GRP (fibreglass) short front mudguard

This sale includes:

  • 1 x FlatRacer BMW Monolever GRP short front mudguard - White or Black (see options)
  • 4 x M6 stainless steel bots, washers and nyloc nuts
  • 4 x M6 black nylon spacers (to correctly position and align the mudguard on the Monolever forks)

We've designed this short front mudguard specifically to be fitted to the BMW Monolever series, introduced for the 1985 year models. 

Its design is based on the more classic looking mudguard fitted to the earlier /6 & /7 Series including its all around beaded edges but adapted to suit the Monolever forks and 18" front wheel.

Built with our usual care and attention to detail. A strong, sturdy mudguard, reinforced with 300gr woven roving on its centre section where it bolts to the forks for extra rigidity and strength. 

Carefully finished in polished high gloss black gel coat, with a very smooth surface with special attention given to its edges. Due to its high quality of construction and finish, minimal preparation work (de-greasing and light sanding) is required if you wish to paint it.

The mudguard is pre-trimmed, pre-dilled (carefully countersunk) and ready to fit. This sale also includes all the required nylon spacers and stainless steel fasteners. 

We can supply it in either glossy off white or glossy jet black gel coat, see options box.


1 - Glossy OFF WHITE (very light and warm cream colour)

2 - Glossy JET BLACK

Outstanding period look, sturdiness, quality and durability.

Fits all the BMW Monolever Series models, made between 1985 and 1996. Please not that this kit will NOT fit the Paralever models such as GS. R100R and Mystic models.


1 - This mudguard is designed to be fitted alongside the original fork bridge. Please retain it as it is an integral parts of the forks, greatly contributing to their torsional rigidity.

2 - Easiest way to fit would be removing the front wheel and sliding the mudguard from underneath which is also the way to remove without damages the original mudguard.

3 - Our mudguard is fitted to the forks using the supplied s/s fasteners and nylon spacers. Please use the supplied s/s penny washer on the inside of the mudguard to spread the stress loads.

Similar mudguards and fork brace kits also available for the earlier twin shock models models (/5, /6 & /7 Series), please see our other listings.

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