BMW K Series (83-96) oil temperature gauge dipstick

BMW K Series (83-96) oil temperature gauge dipstick 

BMW K Series (83-96) oil temperature gauge dipstick - white face

A very neat and elegant oil temperature gauge that replaces the original dipstick on the BMW K series models, made between 1983 and 1996, including:

  • BMW K100
  • BMW K100 C
  • BMW K100 RS
  • BMW K100 RT
  • BMW K100 LT
  • BMW K75
  • BMW K75 C
  • BMW K75 S
  • BMW K75 RT
  • BMW K1
  • BMW K100 RS 16v
  • BMW K1100 RS
  • BMW K1100 LT

Celsius scale of 0-140 degrees.

White face dial

Particularly useful to monitor engine temperatures if riding on hotter climates, longer continuous running of in heavy urban traffic. Higher temperatures can cause all kind of issues, including burnt valves, dropped valve seats, poorer lubrication and accelerated wear. On the K series, higher temperatures can also lead to vapour fuel lock and possible fuel pump failure. 

On the other hand, you probably do not need coolant and oil temperature gauges to tell you how incredibly and scalding hot the engine is when stationery in traffic and the fan is directing hot air to your lower limbs. For a good fan upgrade, check our 6.5 electrical fan kit.

This gauge will warn you and tell you when to take a break and let the water and oil cooled engine cool itself down.

Fits exactly as the original oil filler cap on the engine RH side cover, equipped with a rubber o-ring for an effective seal and the correct engine breather valve function.

IMPORTANT: There are NO level marking on this gauge. For the oil level, please use the original glass visor. If too dirty and difficult to see, these visors are still available brand new from BMW, please contact us if you require us to source one for you.

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