BMW Airhead Boxer 860 Performance Kit (R45 & R65)

BMW typ 248 Performance kit - 860cc

BMW Airhead Boxer 860 Performance Kit (R45 & R65)

BMW Airhead Boxer 860cc Performance Kit (R45 & R65)

Power kit to replace your existing engine cylinders on your Typ 248 BMW R45 & R65 (1978 on) with alloy Nikasil plated ones mated with forged, lighter pistons and its required new rings, gudgeon pins and circlips. 

The R45 & R65 introduced from 1978 offer a very nimble ride thanks to its lightweight construction, shorter wheelbase and reduced width compared with the bigger brothers (R80, R100, R90S etc.). However, its power never fully matched its great road holding capabilities although the later R65 made after 1981 (50hp) offered nearly R80 performance levels.

This kits truly transforms the nature of these engines, make it more powerful and tractable. Its short stroke advantage is fully explored to extract full performance, allowing it to freely rev to new highs, making it a great pleasure and fun to ride.

Designed as a straight swap for the R45 & R65 engines, including the later post 1985 R65 Monolever and R65 GS models

Please state your engine number as there are differences in year models.

It includes:

  • Pair of new alloy Nikasil plated cylinders
  • Pre-fitted stainless pushrod tubes (4)
  • Pair of lighter forged pistons offering 9.5:1 compression ratio, 
  • Complete set of piston rings
  • Piston gudgeon pins and circlips
  • All the necessary gaskets and rubbers to fit it on your engine 

It comes complete with pre-fitted stainless steel pushrod tubes and all the necessary gaskets and rubbers to fit it on your engine.

This outstanding kit will offer a very noticeable increase of power and torque. For the R65 models, this trasnslates in circa 20 % more power and a maximum torque of 75 Nm at 4200 rpm.

For the R45, the results are even more dramatic, typical torque increment goes up to maximum of 70 Nm at 2240 rpm and with around 30 % more power. Needless to say, it completely transforms these bikes, including the anaemic R45 N.

Particularly attractive option if your engine cylinders bores/pistons are worn out as this kit offers a straight replacement at lower cost of the original replacement components.

For full performance advantage, we would suggest fitting a Sports Camshaft and our Dell'Orto carburettor Conversion Kit. Please see our other listings or contact us for more details.

Straight swap, no modifications are required!


1 - Please note that these kits are only available as a straight fit for the R45 and R65 engines introduced in 1978 including the later R65 GS and Monolever models. This kit will NOT fit any of the other BMW Airhead Boxer models, including the earlier R50 & R60 engine blocks as their construction differs in vital details.

2 - Specialist fit. Extensive knowledge about these engines and specific BMW Typ 248 engine tools are required to assemble and fit this kit. We strongly recommend that you entrust this job to a competent and renowned BMW specialist if uncomfortable or lack experience with this type of work.

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