LED indicator relay - 3 pin

LED indicator relay - 3 pin

LED indicator relay - 3 pin (6.3mm Lucar male blade type)

This relay allow you to run LED indicators with the existing wiring. The relay has inbuilt resistors that supply the correct low current for this type of indicators to work correctly.

If using a standard 12v flasher relay will cause these indicators to flash too rapidly (hyper-flashing) hence affecting safety. This relay solves this issue at a stroke without having to re-wire inline individual resistors for each indicator.

Straight replacement for the three (3) pin type indicator flasher relay.

It includes a short earth wiring terminal for ease of installation.

OBS: This relay has provision for a separate dash warning light,. If your existing relay is a two pin type (often the dash warning light is wired to the switch), please see the 2 pin version, also available for sale.

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