FlatRacer BMW Alternative Clock + Voltmeter (Chrome) Pod Kit

FlatRacer BMW Alternative Clock + Voltmeter (Chrome) Pod Kit

FlatRacer BMW Alternative Clock + Voltmeter (Chrome) Pod Kit

Complete Clock & Voltmeter kit, including our alternative analogue clock & voltmeter fitted with chrome bezels (black version shortly available) and our recently developed and produced pods, based on the original and quite rare pod enclosures. 
It includes the required stainless steel shackle brackets, s/s fasteners, rubber mounting bobbins and our own developed wiring sub-loom, for a straight and direct fit on all BMW /6 & /7 Series (73-84)

This kit includes:

  • Analogue quartz clock w/ hour, minutes and seconds hands, front adjusting knob (chrome bezel)
  • Voltmeter 8-16 volts range - chrome bezel
  • FlatRacer gauge enclosing pods (pair)
  • Stainless steel sleeve nuts for pods' lower sections
  • Rubber mounting bobbins M6 x 2
  • Stainless steel M6 x 2 countersunk bolts
  • FR stainless steel mounting shackle brackets
  • FR BMW /6 & /7 (73-84) wiring sub-loom

Replaces BMW items:

Pods:                     62131243642 + 62131357868 
Wiring loom:          61121357697 + 61121357703

Shackle brackets:  31421240651

When fitting the pods, please be aware that their lower section differs. The one marked with "1"on the inside is usually for the original Voltmeter and the cover marked "2" inside is for the clock (already pre-fitted by us with the clock adjuster pin). If using alternative or aftermarket gauges, please do let us know in advance so we can supply an universal fit lower section (without locating tab - marked "3" on the inside)

These lower sections have a locating tab on their lip that engages with the corresponding indent on the pod mid section lower lip. It is important for these to be correctly positioned and engaged as otherwise damage can occur when tightening the whole assembly together.

Wiring is quite simple:

  • Red               - Positive  (12v +) for the clock (should have an inline fuse with the battery positive (+) terminal)
  • Green/black  - Positive  (12v +) ignition on for the voltmeter
  • Grey/black    - Positive  (12v +) ignition on for the gauges illumination bulbs
  • Brown           - Negative (12v -) earthing

There is an additional brown terminal per gauge, in case you need to use aftermarket gauges that require a separate earth contact for the bulb.


When fitting these gauges in place, please do be extra careful when wiring so there are no accidental shorts that may cause damage, not only to the gauges but to the wiring itself. We would strongly recommend that you fully disconnect the battery and check carefully all the wires so no positive (12v+) feed is touching the gauges body or/and clamps before connecting back the battery.


Please let us know your exact bike model and year and if original (ie: forks, yokes, wiring etc) so we can ensure we will supply the correct kit for your bike.

Fittings and wiring sub-looms are currently being developed for other models including the G/S and Monolever Series. Please do contact us for more details and updates.

Similar kit is available without gauges in order to fit your existing and original BMW./Motometer Clock & Voltmeter. Please check out other listings.

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