BMW R45 & R65 (78-84) stainless steel mudguard combo

FlatRacer BMW R45 & R65 (78-84) stainless steel mudguard combo 

FlatRacer BMW R45/65 Series (78-84) stainless steel mudguard combo

FlatRacer stainless steel mudguard combination, designed to fit all BMW R45 & R65 Series models made between 1978 and September 1984 (typ 248).

For those looking to replace the effective but ungainly BMW mudguards for a sleeker and more attractive, stronger and longer lasting and just as efficient stainless mudguards. 

This kit comprises:

  • 1 x FR 5" (rounded)  or 6" (flatter centre section) polished stainless steel rear mudguard 
  • 1 x FR BMW R45/65  tubular steel fork brace pre-fitted with a matching front 5" s/s mudguard (50-55cm long)

Very high quality stainless steel mudguards made with strong gauge material (thick), highly polished. These are carefully cut, trimmed and drilled by us to suit a specific application. Manufactured for us in Continental Europe, you will not find better (we know, we searched high and low for a good supplier).

The rear mudguard has six point fixing as per the original. The standard (medium size) overhang at the rear is circa 150mm but we can supply a longer mudguard (circa 300mm max overhang, measured along its curvature) at extra cost (see options). 

Our front mudguard is a matching, highly polished stainless steel item, 5" wide. Its standard length for the R45/65 is 55cm long, measured along its outer top curvature. We can supply shorter (most of our customers favour 50cm for the R45/65) or longer, up to 61cm. Please let us know your choice if different from 55cm.

This kit includes our superb tubular steel fork brace, a very sturdy and proven design, will enhance the road holding qualities on your BMW. This tubular brace replaces the original flimsy mudguard mount & provides substantial bracing of the fork legs. Increases the forks' torsional rigidity, always a weak point with older telescopic forks. 

The fork brace is accurately and carefully made, paying special attention to symmetries and and parallelism, all important for proper forks' alignment and function. Made of thick steel and powder coated for a long life. Black finish.


1 - Medium 5" rounded rear mudguard (circa 120mm rear overhang, past the sub-frame, measured along the mudguard outer curvature)

2 - Medium 6" flatter centre rear mudguard (circa 120mm rear overhang)

3 - Long 5" rounded rear mudguard (circa 300mm rear overhang, past the sub-frame, measured along the mudguard outer curvature)

4 - Long 6" flatter centre rear mudguard (circa 300mm rear overhang)

Depending on out stocks, we might have available a lighter alloy version, if you prefer it, please contact us for availability.

Our mudguards come complete with all the necessary stainless steel fasteners, rubber bobbins and rubber washers for a straight swap.

We can tailor a specific length of the mudguards to suit your particular project. Please do contact us with your requirements.


1 - Please specify your model when ordering as these are individually trimmed and prepared to fit your specific bike.

2 - Our rear mudguards are concentric in shape whist the original BMW mudguard is oval in shape thus our mudguard has a different radii relative to the rear wheel. This is due being concentric and being limited in positioning by the original front mounting points and battery tray. This is not overly noticeable, especially when the original side panels are fitted.

3 - These mudguard are made to order to fit each specific bike model. Depending our our work schedule, please do allow us between 1-2 weeks to have it ready. \please do contact us for the latest delivery estimate. 

NB: We can pre-fit one of our tail lights, including drilling the rear mudguard to accept it (inclusive of rubber wiring grommet if applicable). If fitting a larger rear tail light (L564, L679 etc) to the rear mudguard, we would suggest using a LONG rear mudguard. Please check our other listings or contact us for more details.

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