BMW R2v stainless steel exhaust manifold - dual balance pipe

BMW R2v stainless steel exhaust manifold - dual balance pipe

Top quality stainless steel set of exhaust manifolds with a dual crossover pipe. Designed as a straight replacement for single balance pipe systems commonly found on 1981-1984 bikes. Tube diameter is 38mm and will only fit the model originally fitted with this type of dual balance manifold. May not suit other models as it may interfere with the centre stand action.

Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, it carries a 10 year guarantee, fits exactly as the original items with no modifications to mounting brackets, carburation or ignition. Noise output is comparable to the original silencer. 

The set is polished to a mirror finish which has a close resemblance to chrome plating, however, once run, it will acquire an attractive and warm golden glow, typical of stainless and unlike the colder blue hue chrome produces when subject to heat.

Very easy to clean and polish, corrosion proof and very long lasting.

Please inform us of your bike's model and year and if fitted or not with an oil cooler and thermostat when ordering so we can confirm fit and ensure we will deliver the correct item for your bike.

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