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FlatRacer BMW R2v Airhead Boxer post 1981 electronic ignition Hall sender REPLACEMENT kit

FR BMW R2v Hall Sender replacement kit

BMW Airhead Boxer post 1981 electronic ignition Hall sender REPLACEMENT kit

FlatRacer BMW R2v Airhead Boxer post 1981 electronic ignition Hall sender trigger unit REPLACEMENT kit

Designed by us as straight replacement Hall sender trigger unit for the original electronic ignition systems fitted to the late /7 Series (1981-84) plus R45/65 (1981-84) & Monolever models (post 1985).

This sale includes:

  • 1 x BMW Airhead Boxer post 1981 electronic ignition replacement Hall sender trigger unit (fits exactly like the original inside the ignition canister)
  • 1 x BMW Airhead Boxer post 81 electronic ignition sender electrical wiring sub-loom, canister (aka bean can) grommet and lock pin plus 3 pin electrical connector plug

Very high quality and useful replacement Hall sender trigger unit, which allows an easy and economical repair of the original post 1981 (September 1980 on models) BMW Airhead Boxer electronic ignition systems. This is the item that most frequently fails although its ignition module should also be checked (see our listings for replacement modules and testing tool).

Carefully developed and produced by us to provide a straight and direct fit, using our own canister TPU grommet and small nylon lock pin, fitting exactly as per the originals, with tend to harden and become brittle, disintegrating with age and heat.

The Hall sensor itself is bolted in place to the stainless steel base plate using M3 s/s screws, allowing for a quick and easy replacement, unlike the original riveted Hall sensors, which require very accurate drilling and punching out to replace.

Designed to fit all BMW Airhead Boxer late /7 Series (81-84) plus R45 & R65 models (81-84), Monolever models (85 on), GS and Paralever models (87-96), fitted with the original electronic ignition system, retaining the original coils or suitable replacements.

Restore your original electronic ignition system with a minimum of hassle and avoid fitting expensive aftermarket electronic ignition kits.


1 - Please ensure that it is indeed the Hall sender that has failed in your system. Please check our inexpensive Hall sender testing tool. 

2 - Please avoid using a common 12v test light as the voltage and amperage involved could easily damage the Hall sensor and module. We would suggest our using our diagnostic tool or a similar Hall sensor tester (usually featuring 1K ohm resistor LED) or a multimeter.

3 - This type of electronic ignition using Hall sensors requires the use of supressed/resistor type HT leads (spark plug wires) and caps to minimise electro-magnetic and radio frequencies interference and component failure. Using unsuppressed/non resistor caps may cause irreversible damage to the ignition components, including coils, modules and Hall sensors. We do sell separately suitable HT leads set, featuring 5K ohm resistor caps. Please check our other listings.

Part of BMW references:

  • 12111244088
  • 12112413906

For those more familiar with auto-electric and inclined for a DIY and inexpensive repair, please check out our REPAIR KIT for the Hall sender.

We can also supply many other ignition parts, including modules, Hall sender testing tool, Boyer electronic ignition kits, HT lead kits, etc. 

We can also supply our own ignition coil kits including stainless steel brackets and fasteners for most models. Please see out other listings or contact us for more details.

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