BMW Airhead Boxer 70-80 Service kit

BMW Airhead Boxer R2v 1970-80 Service kit

FlatRacer BMW R2v service kit for BMW R2v models made between 1970 and 1980. All the parts and consumables except fluids required for a regular yearly or 10,000 mile service (8,000 for the /5 series). 

We can upgrade this kit to include a K&N replacement cotton air filter and a pair of NGK Iridium spark plugs for superior performance and longer working life., please see below for options.

This sale includes:

  • BMW OEM replacement air filter
  • BMW OEM oil filter (one or two piece type)
  • Oil filter gaskets and o-rings
  • Rocker cover gaskets - pair (necessary after adjusting valves)
  • Contact breakers (please let us know your model and year)
  • NGK spark plugs (pair)
  • All the necessary crush washers for diff, prop shaft, gearbox and engine oil plugs


  • 1 - NGK Iridium spark plugs (pair)
  • 2 - K&N replacement air filter
  • 3 - NGK Iridium spark plugs + K&N replacement air filter

This is an high quality service kit and includes the BMW OEM service parts so the best you can fit to ensure a long working life for your engine.


1 - Please indicate your bike's model and year when ordering this kit.

2 - Please let us know if your bike is fitted with an oil cooler/thermostat as it requires a different oil filter.

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