Acewell 85mm billet alloy electronic speedometer / tachometer - CHROME

Acewell 85mm speedo - Chrome

Acewell 85mm billet alloy electronic speedometer / tachometer - CHROME

Acewell 85mm billet alloy electronic speedometer / tachometer - CHROME

An attractive polished billet alloy conical shaped electronic digital speedo/tacho unit.

Optional engine oil drain M18 plug adaptor for temperature sender & longer sub-loom extension. Also available red dash warning light and 12 pin weatherproof connector plug kit. Please see options box.

It features:

  • Billet alloy CNC machined pod, 85mm in diameter by 68mm depth 
  • Needle tachometer and digital multi-functions in one, displays tachometer, speedometer, odometer, trip. clock, temperature and fuel meter simultaneously.
  • 6 LED warning lamps for indicators, emergency lights, main beam, oil pressure and neutral
  • LCD has 2 digital rows and analogue RPM bar-graphic 
  • Ajustable 7 colour LCD display by user
  • Total odometer and riding timer counter (total) can be set within 30km of usage thereafter permanently stored in memory. 
  • BMW R2v sensor. Other sensor options available
  • Tachometer input: CDI or Ignition Coil Signal
  • Temperature meter (oil or water) store max engine temperature achieved since last reset (+50-180 C)
  • Air temperature display +20 -60 Celsius (4-140 F)
  • Voltage display (8-25v)
  • Gear indicator (calculated by speed and engine rpm)
  • Shift warning light RPM (pre-set by the user)
  • Displays clock when in standby mode
  • Can be easily switched between MPH and KMH
  • Adjustable wheel circumference from 1 to 3999mm
  • Fuel gauge can work with 100/250/510 ohm senders of off if not required
  • 100 sets of LAP timer, each data includes AVG,  Lap and trip
  • Fully waterproof
  • Includes bracket, speed sensor and wiring harness
  • Vibration (8G) and mechanical shock (10G) tested
  • EMI / EMS tested, E-Mark certificate
  • Fitting instruction and wiring diagrams

Additional information: 

 - Analogue Tachometer                                                  9,000 RPM (12k & 15k available)

 - Digital Tachometer and warning RPM                         0-19900RPM, 100RPM increment 

 - Speedometer KM/H / MPH                                           2.4-300km/h 187.5mph 

 - Trip meter 1 & 2 TRIP                                                     1/2 0.0 - 9999.9 km/miles 

 - Odometer ODO                                                             0-99999 km / 0-62490 miles 

 - 12 / 24 hour clock                                                          0:00 - 11:59 / 23:59 

 - Average Speed AVG                                                     2.4 - 399KM/H (248MPH) 

 - Riding Timer RT                                                             0-11H59:59 

 - Maximum Speed MAX                                                  2.4 - 399KM/H (248MPH) 

 - Total Riding Time TT                                                     0-999999H 

 - Bar-Fuel Meter                                                              +/- 100/250/510 ohms and off    


1 - Oil temperature sender including engine drain plug (M18) adaptor & long electrical sub-loom extrension

2 - 10 pin weatherproof electrical connector plug - useful to splice the original wiring harness to the Acewell speedo electrical loom.

3 - Red dash warning light (Lucas type) - separate charge warning light required f/ BMW Boxer models f/ charge system to work correctly

Supplied with a BMW R2v specific speedo sensor. This sensor fits exactly in the same way as the original mechanical sensors off the BMW R2v Airhead gearboxes. 

You can programme the computer to accept whichever differential ratio your bike might have (33/11, 37/11, 32/10) etc. Other sensors are available including universal fit. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

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