FlatRacer Monza fairing full mounting kit

FR Monza fairing full mounting kit

FlatRacer Monza fairing full mounting kit

Our own FlatRacer Monza fairing full mounting bracket kit. As included with our FR monza fairing kits, based on the iconic Ducati 750/900SS Bevel from the Seventies and one of the most popular fairings for Cafe Racer conversions.

Accurately fabricated out of 3mm thick laser cut steel plates, positively joined and carefully welded in our own jigs.

Our spider web bracket is powder coated black, offering a very tough finish, corrosion resistance and long working life.

We've designed our bracket set up to accept the BMW /6 & /7 Series (73-84) 22mm ignition switch that also acts as the headlight LH (left) pivot mounting bolt. The elongated slots provide ample scope for adjustment, samewise for the mounting holes for the frame steering neck. If your headlight has smaller bolts, larger penny washers can be used for a correct fit.

This spider web mounting bracket fits exactly on the BMW /7, R45/65 and Monolever frames like the original RS/RT fairing brackets, by the use of two (2) M8 x 1.00 (fine pitch) bolts, distanced 90mm apart, on the frames' steering neck.

For bikes without these mounting holes, we've designed the spider web side plates to accept the passage and grip of a U-clamp, commonly used for car exhausts, thus providing a positive and safe fitting in place for other frames. Please make sure there's space on your frame for the fitting for this type of clamp. If in doubt, please do contact us, we will be more than happy to assist.

It includes our trial and tested chrome side brackets, made of 14mm steel tubing. These are adjustable in place in height and in/out movement and held in place by M6 bolts, tightened in place to the spider web bracket by its captive nuts. This set up also has the advantage of being modular as it can accept other custom fabricated side bracket to suit your particular fairing and desired positioning and stance.

It also includes our new rear cross frame bracket which uses a brand new BMW frame clamp. it allows the fitting of this fairing to all BMW /7, R45/65 and Monolever models. Earlier models with the taller and shorter Euro and Toaster tanks may required further modifications. Please do contact us for more details.

Lastly, we've included in this kit all the required, very high quality stainless steel fasteners and rubber spacers & washers including those for the fairing screen.


1 - These brackets are designed to suit our FR Monza fairings, which in turn are based on the Ducati 750/900 S bevels from the 70's. However, modifications may be required to suit a particular frame and fairing. If you need further info or advice regarding fit, please do contact us.

2 -Designed to accept the original BMW/Bosch 8" (215mm) large headlight, as fitted to the BMW /6, /7 and Monolevers, using the supplied 10mm thick rubber spacers. If fitting smaller headlights, additional spacers may be required.

We can also supply many other fairing parts, including screens and fasteners, please check our other listings.

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