FlatRacer BMW R100 RS 3/4 solo seat

FR BMW R100 RS 3/4 seat

FlatRacer BMW R100 RS Solo 3/4 seat

FlatRacer BMW R100 RS Solo 3/4 seat - Black seat cover

First shown as a BMW option on the 1976 BMW R100RS, it is incredibly rare nowadays, despite being available few years ago from BMW by special order, albeit at a very considerable cost for the complete assembly!

Originally designed by the BMW R90S design master, Hans Muth, it proved a popular option at the time, not only with the R100RS! Stylish and comfortable, offering positive seat positioning for the more sporting rider although not overly popular with pillions despite the euphemistic "Seat an' Half" nickname.

This Sports Solo seat was developed by us with the mission of producing a very accurate replica of the highest quality, in fact better than the original, ditching the metal bases as they rust notoriously.  The FlatRacer seat fits on the R90S frame, /7 Series and Mono exactly as per the original. Please bear in mind that on Monolever models, the rear mudguard will need to be slightly lowered to clear this seat.

Outstanding build quality, attention to detail and superb finish & presentation:

  • Lovingly hand built & finished - well over 25 hours of labour to fully hand build and assemble each seat
  • Incredibly strong and sturdy seat base and seat cowl, corrosion proof and much stronger than the originals
  • Stainless steel hinges & fasteners
  • BMW OEM lock spigot incl. correct conical rubber stop
  • Adjustable rubber stops by M5 s/s bolts - original seats never sat properly on the sub-frame, putting undue stress on the hinges
  • Cowl/seat M5 stainless steel fasteners
  • Provision to fit the original service booklet lid (2 x M4 rivnuts & s/s bolts) - The lid/flat is NLA but you can fit your existing one
  • Heavy duty vinyl seat cover, double skinned and padded, keeping the original look whilst being much more durable
  • Stainless steel seat cover hold trims, carefully riveted in place
  • Individually trimmed & shaped seat foam on a rolling frame, prior to applying scrim foam & fitting the cover for optimal fit against the tank
  • Carefully positioned seat cover in place, taking care all pattern lines are straight and parallel, paying special attention to symmetries
  • Seat base carefully cleaned of excess of glue, seat cover trimmed for a neat and clean presentation
  • Proudly displaying our alloy badge, riveted in place.

Unlike the original seats which were notorious for corroding through (other metal pan pattern seats are even more mediocre, most with untreated, unpainted seat base, where the foam is glued), our seat features a pan base made GRP (fibreglass) for corrosion resistance and long working life, finished in semi-gloss black, for that original look. It is incredibly strong (5-7mm thick, mid section 10mm +), reinforced with woven roving (similar to yatch construction methods), flexible yet nigh on unbreakable. No more rusted and broken seats!

The seat pan/base is  a very precise and accurate replica of the original seat base but improved and smoother (no unsightly stamping marks and folds).

The seat cover and foam display its patterns and dimensions exactly as BMW/Hans Muth designed it in 1975. It includes an excellent quality pattern replica of the original rear cowl, made of sturdy GRP (as per the original but much stronger), finished in glossy white. It also includes an original, raised lettering 70mm BMW logo alloy badge to complete the original look. 

The seat base is pre-trimmed, drilled and pre-fitted with M4 rivnuts and s/s bolts to accept the original service booklet lid (fitted for illustration purposes only - no longer available new from BMW).

Special care was given to the edges and drilling points with each seat assembly individually checked and finished by hand by us. The tail section is pre-marked for accuracy of cutting and fitting, if hand pegs are required, exactly in the same position as the original BMW cowl. 

The seat cover is made of very high quality vinyl, hot pressed with the correct pattern as per the originals, double skinned and padded and held carefully in place by our own and exclusive set of stainless steel hold trim, riveted in place like the originals.

It includes our own upgraded laser cut stainless steel hinges, stainless steel locking spigot and its conical rubber stop, all the required rubber stops (bolt on with M5 s/s bolts, allowing adjustment in height to suit each sub-frame and setting) plus all the necessary seat pre-fitted s/s fasteners.

Uniquely, our rubber stops are bolt on with stainless steel M5 CSK bolts and are adjustable in height for a perfect fit on the sub-frame unlike the originals that never sat properly and put undue stress on the hinges (first place to rot and fall through)

NB: The seat cowl is supplied uncut for the hand pegs. If you wish to fit these, the cutting lines are marked on the cowl to aid fitting. If opting for hand peg cowls & trims, we can cut and trim the cowl for your FREE of charge, see options below.


1 -  Replica hand peg cowls (supplied non fitted) produced exactly in the same dimensions as the first version originals (1976) plus NOS BMW edge trims (very limited quantities available)


This seat assembly is made to order to fit each specific bike model and customer's requests. Please do allow us circa 3 weeks to have it ready from point of order. 

Please bear in mind that on Monolever models (post 1985), the rear mudguard will need to be slightly lowered to clear this seat.

We can also supply this seat trimmed with our own version of the Motorsport Blue seat cover, again made of heavy duty vinyl, hot pressed like the originals, double skinned and padded to our specifications. Please see our other listings.

Lovingly hand crafted, beautifully finished with unparalleled attention to detail, indisputably the best replacement RS 3/4 seat you can buy.

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