FlatRacer BMW FlowLiner full Cafe Racer fairing kit

Flowliner Full Fairing Kit

FlatRacer BMW FlowLiner full Cafe Racer fairing kit

This FlatRacer BMW FlowLiner full Cafe Racer fairing kit was developed by us as a challenge as we are great admirers of the original Cafe Racer look and British short circuit racers from the 60s.  After nearly 5 years of slow development, after an initial challenge from Clymer manuals in the USA for one of their project bikes, it is here. This full fairing  offers superior aerodynamic advantages contributing for higher speeds, lower fuel consumption and enhanced  rider's comfort at speed.

It comprises: 

  • FlatRacer FlowLiner full fairing incl. lower panels
  • FlatRacer fairing screen, carefully hand cut, trimmed, sanded and drilled, pre-fitted incl s/s fasteners
  • Acrylic headlight cover, pre-fitted (7") incl s/s fasteners
  • FlatRacer fairing fitting hardware for BMW /7 & Monolevers (spider web front mounting bracket + rear cross frame mounting bracket)
  • Modified new BMW lower fairing side panel brackets including s/s fasteners and rubber washers

It will fit straight onto the /7 Series and Monolevers, other models may require some modifications, please contact us for more details.

This new fairing  is made of GRP (fibreglass), very sturdy, thick (typically between 4 to 6mm), it will not flex or shake at speed. Built to a high standard in gloss white gel coat on the exterior and with a fairly smooth surface inside (we use GRP surface mat for a better finish). Finished with our usual attention to detail so no air bubbles, cracks, frayed edges etc. 

It includes all the necessary fitting brackets including a spider web bracket designed by us to fit the BMW R2v frames plus all the required stainless steel fasteners, special nylon cup washers and rubber washers to reduce abrasion between the fairing and the screen.

Complete with a pre-trimmed, pre-drilled and mated acrylic screen and headlight cover. This latter solution provides a degree of protection from road debris and stone chips that can crack the expensive headlight glass. It is an elegant and neat flush aerodynamic solution.

Although the FlowLiner full fairing can be made to fit to almost all road going BMW R2v Boxer models, you will need to be fairly experienced in custom builds to fit it in place and overcome the small challenges as they present themselves. Apologies for being blunt and direct but this is not an ideal kit for beginners or amateurs.

We try our best to supply our fairing kits as bolt on as possible but there are always a small amount of fiddling, trimming and adjusting required to fit this type of fairing, depending on the model and favoured riding position and fitting of other ancillaries such as forks, handlebars, brake master cylinders etc.

Please also be aware that this is race inspired fairing thus there are inevitable shortcomings for road use such as limited travel suspension (which can be solved by progressive fork springs, fresh oil and pre-load adjustment) and turning circle.

The fairing also offers a very sporty riding position which is not the most comfortable although this can be addressed by a bigger and more ergonomic seat such as our Spandau and Solitude tail kits (with larger upholstered seat bases) or our Zeller short sub-frame kit.

NB: This fairing is made to order to fit each specif bike model and year. Please contact us before placing an order for the delivery schedule. 


1 - This race inspired fairing requires the use of low bars such clip ons. 

2 - Further fairing trimming may be required on post 1981 bikes or bikes fitted with bar mounted front brake master cylinder. 

3 - It may also restrict the turning circle and suspension travel.

4 - Use of rear sets is also recommended. Please contact us for more info and advice.

Our FlatRacer Flowliner full fairing kit offers an unique and exclusive 60's Short Circuit & TT Racer look. Outstanding build quality, finish and blessed with our usual attention to detail, including very comprehensive and high quality fittings and mounting hardware.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any query or info you may require about this fairing kit as we would prefer to discuss your project beforehand.

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