FlatRacer BMW Cafe Racer Monza 7" fairing kit

FR BMW Monza 7" fairing kit

FlatRacer BMW Cafe Racer Monza 7" fairing kit

FlatRacer BMW Cafe Racer Monza 7" fairing kit

Our FlatRacer BMW Cafe Racer Monza 7" fairing kit was developed by us using the Ducati Bevel design from the Seventies as a base as it is one of the most iconic bikes and Cafe Racer fairing of all times.

This kit comprises:

  • FlatRacer 7" Monza fairing
  • FlatRacer fairing screen incl. fasteners
  • FlatRacer fairing fitting hardware for BMW /7 Series (options for other models)

It will fit straight onto the /7 Series, other models may require minor modifications, please do contact us for more details. More importantly, following our mission developing parts for these bikes, no irreversible modifications are required. Your BMW can be reverted to its original specification at any give time without issues.

The FlatRacer BMW Airhead Monza 7" fairing is made of GRP (fibreglass), very sturdy, thick (typically between 4 to 6mm), it will not flex or shake at speed. Built to a high standard in gloss white gel coat on the exterior and with a fairly smooth surface inside (we use GRP surface mat for a better finish). Finished with our usual attention to detail so smooth ans straight edges and no air bubbles, cracks, frayed edges etc. 

It includes all the necessary fitting brackets including a spider web bracket and short rear brackets (bot to the horn lugs) designed by us to fit the BMW /7 Series. Alternative mounting hardware exists for other models, please check the options box or contact us for more details.

This assembly kit also includes all the necessary stainless steel fasteners, special nylon cup washers and rubber washers to reduce abrasion between the fairing and the screen.

Our FlatRacer Monza 7" fairing is designed to accept our optional 7" (197mm OD) acrylic headlight cover which sits in a neat recessed lip developed by us. This fairing is suitable not only for smaller headlight (such as the R45/65 7" lamps) but also for the larger BMW/Bosh 215mm (8") as fitted to the BMW /6, /7 & Monolever models.


1 - Optional rear cross frame bracket available at extra cost to suit the BMW Monolever (85 on) and the R45/65 models (78-84). It also fits the earlier series, if you prefer this option.

2 - We can also supply and pre-fit our own design optional acrylic headlight cover (shown), laser cut, pre-drilled and mated to the fairing as add on option. This solution provides a degree of protection from road debris and stone chips that can crack the expensive headlight glass. It is an elegant and neat solution. See below for more details

3 - Optional rear cross-frame mounting bracket, required to fit the BMW R45/65 & Monolever. Can also be fitted to /7 Series. Please check our options list.

4 - Light and dark grey (almost black) tinted screens, pre-drilled and pre-trimmed and mated to the fairing available at extra cost, please check our options list.

For additional extras and spares, please visit our Fairing Spares & Accessories page.

NB: This fairing is made to order, please contact us for the delivery schedule. 


1 - This fairing requires the use of low bars such clip ons in order to provide the correct clearance between bars and fairing upper side sections.

2 - It may also restrict the turning circle and suspension travel. We can supply progressive fork springs and fork pre-load adjusters to control suspension travel. Please check our other listings or contact us for more details.

3 - Use of rear sets is also recommended. Please contact us for more info and advice.

Our FlatRacer Monza fairings have proved very, very popular since we first introduced it mid-2000s, with hundreds sold over the years. Unlike many other similar offerings on the market place, our fairing has been developed to fit the BMW R2v Airhead Boxer frames and includes all the required fittings and mounting hardware. The best Cafe Racer top fairing kit you could possibly buy for these bikes.

Stylish and sleek, it defines the classic BMW Cafe Racer look.

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