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Electrical Switches & Relays

Electrical Switches

Dip, Horn, Stop, Ignition incl lock and keys, Horn Press & Brake Light Switches (incl BMW R2v)

Wipac Tricon dip/horn/stop switch

Wipac Tricon dip/horn/stop switch

Replica Wipac Tricon dip/horn and stop switch. OEM: S3858

Universal fit, compete with 5 connecting wires

Suitable for 7/8" (22.2mm) handlebars.

Wipac Ducon switch also available by request.


Lucas horn/dip switch (clamp type)

Lucas horn/dip switch (clamp type).

Replica Lucas horn/dip switch, clamp on type. OEM: 31563, LU31563.

Screw on type also available at no extra cost, please specify this option when purchasing.

Universal fit, complete with 4 connecting wires, 27" long, colour coded, brown, red, blue/white protected by a black sleeve. Grey sleeve available by request.

Clamp on type to standard 7/8” bars


Universal indicator switch

Universal indicator switch

Lucas type universal handlebar indicator switch.

Universal fit, complete with three connecting wires protected by a black sleeve.

Clamp on type, suitable for 7/8" (22.2mm) handlebars.


Lucas horn press handlebar switch

Horn press Lucas handlebar switch

Replica of the Lucas LU76204 horn press switch, chrome plated.

As fitted to many Triumph and BSA models.

To suit 7/8" handlebars.

OEM: 76204


Lucas ignition & lighting switch

Replica Lucas 35351 Ignition/Lighting switch.

As fitted to BSA B25,B50,A65,A75 (1971-), Norton Commando 750,850cc (1971-77) & Triumph T120, T140 (1971 on). Replaces Lucas 39784 (OEM: LU35351,LU39784)

  • Diameter of barrel - 35.5mm
  • Diameter of threaded mounting - 19.1mm
  • Depth of switch barrel - 23.5mm
  • Length of threaded mounting - 17.8mm
    • Universal fit, five connectng pins (8 Lucar type tabs)on a headlight shell or dash panel, using the supplied large brass nut. Complete with two keys.


Universal pull brake switch

Universal pull type rear brake switch.

Universal fit brake light switch, suitable for rear brake drums.

  • Switch body length: 2 1/2" (63.5mm)
  • Spring length: 3" (76.2mm)
  • Bracket length: 2 1/2" (63.5mm)
    • A close replica of the original Lucas item. As fitted to Triumph, BSA etc. The switch body clamp is designed to fit around a frame tube (or similar, up to 7/8" 22mm) and the spring clamp fits around the drum brake rod.


BMW rear brake switch & top cover

BMW rear brake switch & top cover

BMW rear brake light switch as fitted to all BMW R2v series. Correct operation (depress plunger to activate stop rear light). Beware of other copies with reverse operation which will not work with the BMW set up.

High quality replacement, built to BMW OEM standards.

It includes the often missing top rubber cover.



Universal indicator relay - 3 pin

Universal indicator relay - 3 pin.

Replaces the existing relay or fitted with a custom wiring loom. Three pin fitting,

12v 18/23w. Complete with useful mounting rubber sleeve holder with provision to slide onto a frame/bracket tab.

Two pin (no rubber sleeve) version also available at no extra cost, please do let us know if you require this option.


Bantam narrow handlebar