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FlatRacer BMW FlowLiner full fairing kit

FlatRacer BMW FlowLiner full fairing kit

This FlatRacer BMW FlowLiner full cafe racer fairing kit was developed by us as a challenge as we are great admirers of the original Cafe Racer look and British short circuit racers from the 60s. After nearly 5 years of slow development, it is here. This full fairing offers superior aerodynamic advantages contributing for higher speeds, lower fuel consumption and enhanced rider's comfort at speed.

It comprises:

  • FlatRacer FlowLiner full fairing incl. lower panels
  • FlatRacer fairing screen, pre-fitted incl s/s fasteners
  • Acrylic headlight cover, pre-fitted (7") incl s/s fasteners
  • FlatRacer fairing fitting hardware for BMW /7 & Monolevers
    • It will fit straight onto the /7 Series and Monolevers, other models may require some modifications, please contact us for more details.

      This new fairing is made of GRP (fibreglass), very sturdy, thick (typically between 4 to 6mm), it will not flex or shake at speed. Built to a high standard in gloss white gel coat on the exterior and with a fairly smooth surface inside (we use GRP surface mat for a better finish). Finished with our usual attention to detail so no air bubbles, cracks, frayed edges etc.

      It includes all the necessary fitting brackets including a spider web bracket designed by us to fit the BMW R2v frames plus all the required stainless steel fasteners, special nylon cup washers and rubber washers to reduce abrasion between the fairing and the screen.

      Complete with a pre-trimmed, pre-drilled and mated acrylic screen and headlight cover. This latter solution provides a degree of protection from road debris and stone chips that can crack the expensive headlight glass. It is an elegant and neat flush aerodynamic solution.

FlatRacer Mancha Branca RH crop


NB: This fairing is made to order, please contact us for the delivery schedule. It also requires the use of low bars such clip ons. Further fairing trimming may be required on post 1981 bikes or bikes fitted with bar mounted front brake master cylinder. It may also restrict the turning circle and suspension travel. Use of rear sets is also recommended. Please contact us for more info and advice.

Optional / Recommended products

Below is a list of optional/add on items that we compiled to be used with this kit. If you have any specific requirements regarding parts, fit or trim, please do contact us, we will be more than pleased to assist you.

Acewell electronic 73mm speedometer / tachometer

Acewell electronic 73mm speedometer / tachometer that is ideal for fairings that feature a flat dash panel, requiring a hole of 64mm and a clearance of 41mm for its total lenght. It can also be mounted on the top yoke or any other surface by the using the bracket supplied with it. If fitting on our FlowLiner full fairing, drilling a large hole on the original headlight shell may be required to clear this unit.

This unit offers excellent value for money as It features a very complete range of functions. Lightweight yet sturdy construction thanks to its ABS plastic body finished in gloss black, featuring an outer 73mm chrome effect bezel.

Complete with a specific BMW R2v speedo sensor. For more technical details, please click More info.


FlatRacer BMW clock and voltmeter set

BMW replica voltmeter and clock, OEM quality, as fitted on the R90S, R100S, R100RS and RT models, an useful addition to monitor your bike's charging system and keep an eye on time. White numerals and quartz clock movements as per the original.

If fitting these on our FlowLiner full fairing, shortening the long mounting stud for the clamp rear brackets may be required to clear our fairing spider web bracket.

Other fittings including wiring looms are available separately. Please contact us for further details.

Currently unavailable

Tarozzi race clip ons

Race clip ons from world famous Italian maker Tarozzi.

Outstanding quality and presentation, please do not confuse these with other inferior and some outright dangerous offerings. Standard BMW R series forks fitment available (please specify your bike model and year when ordering) , other sizes available upon request. Please note that your turning circle may be restricted and will need to be adjusted accordingly by the fitting of clip ons.

Essential if using a cafe racer top fairing such as our FlatRacer Monza, FlowLiner, Sprint and Ducati replicas. Low rise and High rise clip ons are also available.

Please click in More Info for further details on handlebar options.


FlatRacer/Tarozzi BMW R2v /7 Series 78-84 rear sets

Our newly designed rear set kit, integrating the famed Tarozzi foot pegs and pedals. It features our own developed stainless steel and bronze linkages plus all the necessary stainless steel fasteners, nylon spacers and rose joints.

Featuring the M10 fixed pegs with bare alloy knurl finish. We can also supply this kit with the fixed pegs with rubber inserts (matt black pedals) at no extra cost. Folding pegs are also available at extra cost but please note their M12 mounting bolts will require some frame modifications (drilling). Please click More info for further details and other options.

Outstanding period look, quality and durabilty, designed to fit all BMW R2v /7 made from 1976 to 1984. Please specify your bike's model and year as there are subtle differences.


FlatRacer BMW R2v /6 & /7 Series fork pre-load adjusters

Our new fork pre-load adjusters, made of 304 grade stainless steel and phosphorous bronze, an overkill of engineering. This kit also includes 3mm polished stainless steel fork top washers and a pair of nylon spacers.

Outstanding looks and quality. It allows fine adjustment of fork pre-load by pre-loading the internal fork springs. This allows to control ride height, control dive and allow for a more firm and stable ride. It is particularly suited to our low positioned top fairings (for the correct stance), removing the risk of the fairing touching the front mudguard under heavy braking.

Recommended fit with progressive front springs allied to our tubular steel fork brace.

Designed to fit all BMW R2v /6 and /7 Series 36mm forks (1973-1984).


FlatRacer BMW R2v progressive springs

Forks springs tend to get work fatigue and become inefficient in as little as 3 years of normal riding. This tends to aggravate an already softly sprung front end with its long suspension front travel. BMW in fact recommended their replacement in certain models every five years.

The Flatracer pair of progressive fork springs are designed for improved handling and ride ability. The progressive winding means that as the suspension becomes compressed the springs become stronger, absorbing small bumps but stiffening progressively upon greater loads.

The result never fails to impress for how much stable and compliant the front end will feel, especially if used with one our fork braces and fork pre-load adjusters. New oil and seals are also recommended. We can supply these for all R2v bikes, please specify your model & year. Please contact us for more details.