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FlatRacer BMW Zeller Cafe Racer short sub-frame & seat kit - /7 Series& R45/65 1976-1984

FlatRacer BMW Zeller Cafe Racer short sub-frame & seat kit - /7 Series & R45/65 1976-1984

Our FlatRacer BMW Zeller Cafe racer short sub-frame and seat kit, designed to convert all the BMW R2v /7 Series and R45/65 twin shock models (1976-1984) into a period looking Cafe Racer, without losing practicality and comfort.

This FlatRacer BMW Zeller kit comprises:

  • FlatRacer BMW short sub-frame kit
  • FlatRacer Zeller fully upholstered seat (brown or black)
  • FlatRacer BMW s/s hinges (pair) and BMW OEM locking spigot
  • All the necessary s/s fasteners and rubber bobbins & washers
    • The FlatRacer BMW Zeller kit includes our new, very rigid and reinforced, tubular steel short sub-frame and a specifically designed Cafe Racer hump type seat that locks and hinges like the originals, which is very comfortable thanks to its high density foam with the appropriate height.

      A straight pleated or lozenge quilted seat cover is available either in black or dark chocolate brown high quality vinyl (state your choice when ordering). The seat cover has its pattern hot pressed in place to reduce the ingress of dirt and water for reduced maintenance and greater longevity.

      The seat includes an original locking spigot and front and rear stainless steel hinges and fasteners, making this conversion a simple bolt on job.

      Please note that you will need to retain and fit your existing seat lock mechanism to our sub-frame in order for our seat to fit correctly.

      We can pre-fit as an extra option (£34.99) polished alloy short front side trims to the seat, if required. Please contact us for more details.

      We also offer as option our new centre tool tray, based on our own GRP (fibreglass) replica of the original BMW /6 & /7 tray. This tray is modified and trimmed to suit this application and includes all the required fittings and s/s fasteners. Please see below for more details.

      We can also supply, pre-trim and pre-mate one of our mudguard combos to suit this kit, including or not a pre-fitted tail light and indicators of your choice.


Optional add on items

Below is our list of optional items that can be added to this kit. If you require anything else that is not in this list or have very specific requirements about trimming, fit etc, please do contact us, we will be more than pleased to assist you.

FlatRacer BMW short sub-frame centre tool tray

Our new FlatRacer BMW short sub-frame centre tool tray assembly, based on GRP (fibreglass) replica of the original BMW /6 & /7 under the seat, centre tool tray.

Designed to fit our short sub-frame kit, including all the labour required to trim and adapt to this application, including all the required stainless steel fasteners, rubber washers and fitting bracket.

The tray will easily allow you to store the original tool roll, a light waterproof suit (well packed) and/or gloves, among other bits.

A very useful and unique feature among all the aftermarket BMW sub-frame kits.


FlatRacer BMW stainless steel mudguard combo

FlatRacer stainless steel mudguard combination, designed to fit all BMW /6, /7 Boxer models and twin shock BMW R45/65 models made between 1976 and September 1984.

For those looking to replace the effective but ungainly BMW mudguards for a sleeker and more attractive, stronger and longer lasting and just as efficient stainless mudguards.
This kit comprises a 5.5" round polished stainless steel mudguard and our fork brace pre-fitted with a matching front 5" s/s mudguard. The rear mudguard has six point fixing as per the original. Comes complete with all the necessary stainless steel fasteners, rubber bobbins and rubber washers for a straight swap.

Please specify your model when ordering as these are individually trimmed and prepared to fit your specific bike. BMW R45/65 models may require further modifications to rear mudguard to suit our short sub-frame kit, please contact us for more details.



Bullet indicators - 2 pairs

Bullet shaped 12v indicators with fixed short stem. Bright chrome finish with standard amber lenses. Universal M8 bolt fitment. Sold here as two pairs (4 units).

These can be fitted directly on the BMW rear sub-frame, using one of the exisiting mounting holes close to the shocks top bolts or we can fit these directly on the rear mudguard or our short sub-frame at extra cost (please indicate your desired positioning for these on the mudguard or sub-frame).

For the front fitting, we can supply chrome mounting brackets for the forks which allow for the fitting of this type of indicators (M8 stem) at additional cost.(£20). Alternatively, you can drill the cast alloy headlight brackets listed below.

Other blinkers / indicators available, please click More info for further options.


Cast alloy headlight pegs

High quality polished cast alloy headlight brackets, similar to the old Ceriani types seen in the Sixties.

Will fit forks stanchion sizing from 35mm to 41mm using the plastic sleeves provided. We can also supply rubber sleeves at additional cost if required (recommended for the BMW 36mm foks). Side mounting holes of 10mm so most headlights can be fitted.

If fitting a 8" BMW headlight pre 85, you can enlarge the LH bracket to 22mm to accept the original pivot bolt or ignition switch barrel with a stepped drill bit.


Trial braced handlebar

Trial brace handlebar

Chrome Braced Trail/Motocross handlebar. Bars OD diameter of 7/8" (22.2mm industry standard), overall width of 31.250" (793.75mm), rise of 5.5" (139.7mm) and 5" (127mm) pullback.

Alloy version, anodised in silver also available at extra cost. Please contact us if you are interested in this lighter version.

Modifications may be required if fitting on a BMW R2v (ream bar housing and throttle).

For more handlebars options, please click More Info.


FlatRacer Monza deluxe alloy fuel cap

At last, a kit that enables you to fit an alloy Monza cap to your original BMW tank (24lt), replacing the functional but not that attractive flush black BMW cap.

It includes a manually and individually machined alloy adaptor collar, a high quality alloy Monza cap (2 1/2"), fitted with a proper vent and seal plus an original BMW top dust seal. Straight swap. Looks outstanding!

Fits all BMW R2v Series fuel tanks made after 1976, fitted with the black, screw in, flush mounted petrol cap.

Other accessories available including budget chrome cap kit. Please click More info.