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FlatRacer BMW R90S cockpit fairing kit

FlatRacer BMW R90S cockpit fairing basic kit

The iconic BMW R90S cockpit fairing, the first fairing to be fitted on a mass produced motorcycle from the manufacturer, it inspired countless designs including Guzzi LeMans, Kawasaki Z1R, Suzuki GS1000S etc, etc.

This FlatRacer BMW R90S replica cockpit fairing kit is designed to fit any BMW R2v /6 and /7 Series and to be as near bolt on as possible, following closely the original design. It comprises: 

  • FR BMW R90S replica cockpit fairing
  • BMW OEM black plastic cockpit dash
  • FR BMW R90S clear screen - standard size - pre-drilled
  • Screen lower edge rubber trim
  • 11 (one extra) x M4 s/s screen csk bolts+conical s/s washers, s/s small penny washers + nyloc nuts + rubber spacers
  • FR BMW R90S cockpit fairing inner s/s small angled brackets (pair) + required s/s M6 fasteners
  • BMW OEM small rubber grommets (pair) for angle brackets + s/s bushes
  • FR tubular s/s brackets (pair) + required s/s M6 fasteners
  • FR top yoke (flat) s/s brackets (pair) + required s/s M6 fasteners
  • Stainless steel M6 long yoke locating bolts + washers & nyloc nuts
    • Our FR R90S cockpit fairing is a fibreglass faithful replica, stronger than the crack prone originals is very sturdy, thick (typically between 4 to 6mm), it will not flex or shake at speed. Very well finished with a fairly smooth surface inside (we use GRP surface mat for a better finish) with out usual attention to details so no air bubbles, cracks, frayed edges etc.

      All the parts are pre-drilled, pre-trimmed and pre-mated so very little preparation work is required to fit apart from painting.

      We've adopted the original inner fairing fastening set up, albeit using nylon lugs with a captive M6 brass nut, therefore much stronger than the original fairing, a refined solution rarely adopted due to the complexity and extra labour required.

NB: This kit includes ONLY the upper fitting kit. We offer several options for lower fittings, headlight pegs, indicators stalks and other components, to cater for several set ups, budget and requirements. Please check the Optional Items below


Optional / Recommended products

Below is a list of optional/add on items that we compiled to be used with this item. If you have any specific requirements regarding parts, fit or trim, please do contact us, we will be more than pleased to assist you.

FlatRacer BMW R90S headlight brackets set

Very high quality pressed steel replicas of the original headlight brackets, as fitted to the BMW /6 & /7 Series (73-84).

Sturdy steel construction, powder coated satin black as the original items, with the correct shape and indents to accept the original BMW/Bosch 8" headlight including its LH 22mm pivot/igntion switch. Holes present as the original items for the indicators' wiring routing.

This sale includes a pair of brand new headlight brackets plus required BMW OEM rubber spacers (4)


FlatRacer BMW R90S stainless steel indicator stalks set

Very high quality stainless replicas of the original BMW R90S cockpit fairing lower mounting brackets/indicator stalks.

These are the specific S/CS stalks that allow fitting of the S fairing. The standard stalks used by BMW on other models will not be suitable for this application as they are too short.

This set includes the pair of corrosion free stainless steel S type long stalks plus all the required and associated lower fittings for this fairing. Will fit either our replica or the otiginal fairings.


BMW R90S headlight rubber seal option

Original BMW large headlight rubber seal, designed to fit between the fairing headlight opening flange and the headlight. It will enhance aerodynamics and reduce undue vibrations and friction between the fairing and the headlight plus preventing the ingress of water and other debris. Interference fit, a simple and neat solution as per the original BMW fairing.

Other BMW OEM rubber seals, fairing brackets and other original components available at additional cost and by special request, please contact us with your requirements.


BMW R90S original cockpit fairing dash board stickers (pair)

Original BMW dash board panel stickers (pair)

BMW OEM items, made with the correct materials and with the right look (black satin sheen). pre-cut to shape to fit specifically the BMW R90S cockpit fairing das panel.

Includes the correct LH tyre pressure advisory sticker and the RH engine oil recommendations and valve clearances.


BMW R90S cockpit fairing universal adjustable alloy indicators - 2 pairs

Machined metal bodies indicators with an adjustable stem. Brushed alloy finish or chrome (please specify your choice at checkout) with standard amber lenses.

As fitted on our own bikes. Universal M8 bolt fitment. Particularly well suited for the Tarozzi chrome clamps/lower fairing brackets. Other M8 stem indicator options also available, please click More info for further details.

Two pairs (4 indicators) included in this sale.

Other choice of indicators is avalable. Please cklick More info for further details.


Tarozzi low rise clip ons

Low rise clip ons (70mm height rise) from world famous Italian maker Tarozzi.

Outstanding quality and presentation, please do not confuse these with other inferior and some outright dangerous offerings. Standard BMW R series forks fitment available (please specify your bike model and year when ordering), other sizes available upon request. Please note that your turning circle may be restricted and may need to be adjusted accordingly by the fitting of clip ons. Please note these are not compatible with the original BMW headlight brackets.

Tarozzi high rise and race clip ons plus Ace and Jota bars are also available.

Please click in More Info for further details on handlebar options.