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FlatRacer BMW Cafe Racer seat kit

FlatRacer BMW Cafe Racer seat kit

We present to you our new FlatRacer BMW Cafe Racer seat kit. Designed to fit all BMW R2v Airhead /7 Series (76-84) and BMW Monolevers (1985 on).

The FlatRacer BMW Cafe Racer seat was developed by us with the mission of producing a similar seat to the original 1976 BMW R100 RS Solo seat (aka seat an'half or 3/4 seat) albeit with a rounder, lower, sleeker and sportier seat cowl. We were adamant that this seat assembly had to look original and period, so we went to great lengths to keep the original cowl lower fillets and the rear recessed logo area for a BMW 70mm badge, which is included.

Fitted with an accurate replica of the original seat base, albeit modified to suit our seat cowl, made of GRP, for corrosion resistance and long working life, finished in semi-gloss black, for that original look. As per our usual standard, it is extra strong (5-7mm thick), thanks to be reinforced with 300/600gr/m2 woven roving (similar to yatch construction methods), flexible yet nigh on unbreakable. No more rusty seats!

The seat base is pre-trimmed and drilled to accept the original service booklet lid (sadly no longer available new from BMW).

The seat cover and foam were also inspired by the original designs but again, modified to suit this particular seat. The seat cover is made of very durable vinyl, as per the original, with a press pattern quite similar to the RS seat. The foam has the correct shape and density for comfort and good ergonomics (in fact, a re-shaped BMW dual sports foam).

Special care was given to the edges, drilling and fitting points, with each seat assembly individually checked and finished by hand by us. It includes our own upgraded laser cut stainless steel hinges, zinc plated steel locking rod and its conical rubber stop, all the rubber stops fitted on the base plus all the necessary seat fasteners, including those of the cowl, in stainless steel, pre-fitted

This seat is bolt on and locks and hinges exactly as an original seat. Straight replacement. This kit includes all the labour for trimming, drilling and pre-fitting all the parts, requiring only minimal paint preparation work (seat cowl) to fit on your bike.


This seat assembly is a direct replacement for all the /7 Series and Monolever original seats. However, please note that due to the design of our lower and shorter seat cowl, it is not compatible with the BMW rear tool trays, where fitted.

Recommended products

Below is a list of optional/add on items that we compiled to be used with this item. If you have any specific requirements regarding parts, fit or trim, please do contact us, we will be more than pleased to assist you.

FlatRacer BMW R2v fork brace kit with 5" stainless steel short mudguard

Designed to fit BMW R2v /6 and /7 Series bikes fitted with the early ATE callipers (73-80) or the later Brembo front brakes set up (81-84). Please specify your bike's model and year plus type of front brakes when ordering.

Very sturdy and proven design, will enhance the roadholding qualities of your BMW. This tubular brace replaces the original flimsy mudguard mount & provides substantial bracing of the fork legs. Made of thick steel and powder coated for a long life.

Complete with our own short 5" rounded C shape stainless steel front mudguard, pre-trimmed and pre-drilled, includes all the necessary stainless steel fastners and rubber washers. Matching rear mudguards and tail lights also available, please click More Info for more mudguard options (including alloy and GRP).


FlatRacer BMW stainless steel medium rear mudguard

Medium polished stainless steel rear mudguard, 5" or 6" wide (please specify your preference), pre--trimmed and pre-drilled to fit all BMW R2v Series bikes (please specify your model and year and desired width).

The overhang at the rear is circa 150mm (total lenght along its curvature is circa 900mm) Comes complete with all the necessary stainless steel fasteners, rubber bobbins and rubber washers, making this kit a very straight forward swap. Six (6) fixing point fixing.

Discreet and efficient. Alloy versions and longer mudguards are also available at extra cost, depending on availability. Please contact us with your requirements.

Other sizes and options available including matching front mudguards, fork brace kits and pre-fitted tail lights/plate holders. Please click More info for further details


Tarozzi race clip ons

Race clip ons from world famous Italian maker Tarozzi.

Outstanding quality and presentation. Standard BMW R series forks fitment available, other sizes available upon request. Please note that your turning circle may be restricted and will need to be adjusted accordingly by the fitting of clip ons.

Essential if using a cafe racer fairing such as our FlatRacer, Sprint and Ducati replica. Low rise and High rise clip ons are also available.

Please click in More Info for further details on handlebar options.


FlatRacer BMW R2v /7 Series rear sets

Our newly designed rear set kit, integrating the famed Tarozzi foot pegs and pedals. It features our own designed linkages plus all the necessary stainless steel fasteners, nylon spacers and rose joints.

Featuring the M10 fixed pegs with bare alloy knurl finish. We can also supply this kit with the fixed pegs with rubber inserts (matt black pedals) at no extra cost. Folding pegs are also available at extra cost but please note their M12 mounting bolts will require some frame modifications (drilling).

Outstanding period look, quality and durabilty, designed to fit all BMW R2v /7 made from 1976 to 1984. Please specify your bike's modela nd year as there are subtle differences.

Rear set kits for the later series are also available, please contact us for more details.


BMW R2v /5 Series stainless steel side panels

Originally introduced by BMW as an option for the later BMW R2v /5 Series and standard equipment for some USA models, these were not overly popular, not least in Europe where the BMW riders' taste was somewhat more restrained. Fits all the /5, /6 and /7 Series bikes.

These side panels are high quality stainless steel stampings, accurate replicas of the original albeit without the black painted stripes. Fits exactly as per the originals (a rubber band and the four tangs on the rear sub-frame, often missing). Very cool and period looking!

High quality replica GRP /7 side panels also available, please click More info.


FlatRacer BMW R2v deluxe Monza cap

At last, a kit that enables you to fit an alloy Monza cap to your original BMW tank (24lt), replacing the functional but not that attractive flush black BMW cap.

It includes our own design and manually and individually machined alloy adaptor collar, a high quality alloy Monza cap (2 1/2"), fitted with a proper vent and seal plus an original BMW top dust seal and lower grooved o-ring seal. Straight swap. Looks outstanding!

Fits all BMW R2v Series fuel tanks made after 1976, fitted with the black, screw in, flush mounted petrol cap.

Other accessories available including budget chrome Monza cap kit. Click More info.