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Below is the kind of comments and feeback we receive, the biggest source of pride that keep us going and pushing forward the quality of our service and products on offer.

Hello, Edgar,
First, you can use my photos for your website. I added some more, and if you would like, I'll email higher resolution files to you.
Second, your tank is the best product I could imagine. The material quality is the highest I have seen, the shape is perfect for my project, and the finish is remarkable. This is a top drawer product. Thanks for making it available to the market.

I will keep you posted on the progress of this latest project. Let me know if I can do any more for you.
Thank you,

Jon-Lars - Washington State USA

Mr. Edgar,
Parts arrived safely today. Perfect transaction. The brace is very well done, and I am so looking forward to seeing how the bike rolls with it installed.
The tail light is the one I was looking for!
Chuck - Texas USA

Hi Edgar,
All arrived safe and sound this morning. very impressed with the quality and finish. sure ill have to have some more goodies soon, thanks. Andy

Andy – UK

Hello Edgar,
I pick up the parcel today who is arrived in good condition.
I am really happy with the high quality of the delivered parts.
If you need some reference for your French customers, do not hesitate to give my
e-mail adress, I will be pleased to confirm the nice quality of your goods.
Franck - France

Hello Edgar,
How are you? Received the items, very excellent products.
Thank you very much
Marios – Australia

Hello Edgar,
Just to let you know that I received the new mudguard brace on Saturday, I fitted it yesterday all went well not only is it a perfect fit with a straight front mudguard, it has also as promised made quite a difference to the handling of the machine. Thank you once again for all your help, it is much appreciated.
Best Regards.

Mark – UK

Hi Edgar
Received your parcel yesterday.
Thanks so much for your speed and efficiency
My husband is really pleased with the quality of the parts you sent
Thanks again
Tracey – UK

Hi Edgar,
Picked up the cover today (Nov 30) but it looks like it was in my post office on the 29th. Very short shipping time as I live on Vancouver Island and it usually adds a day to delivery. Thanks, the product looks great. Bill.

Bill –  Canada

I received my shipment today (30 November). The items were even nicer than I had imagined. Thank you for supporting the BMW airhead community.
Basil – Canada

Flatracer are based in London so might be worth your while giving Edgar a ring and arranging to go look at his stuff.

Found him very helpful answering questions and he's prepared to talk all night on the subject and the products he makes.
All of the bodywork has been fitted apart from the screen which is just sitting there to get an idea of what it will all look like.

Tank fitted straight on first time, no adjustments needed and all the mounts matched up perfectly. The kit is designed for twin shock bikes but can be used with mono versions if you use the twin shock tank mounts. Just to clarify it won't fit to a GS, not that anyone would even consider such a thing.

Seat unit needed a bit of fine tuning to match it up to the bike, simple case of trimming the inside with a Dremmel, took about 20 minutes and slips on easily using the inside of the main frame tube and an existing bracket on the rear sub frame. Seat cushion is high quality IMPO, nice detailing with the stitching and the alloy trim strip a nice touch.

Quality of the mouldings are excellent and the service from Flatracer has been second to none, great back up and always ready to answer any questions and provide support on the project.

Got the bike outside for the first time, gave me the chance to stand back and see what she looked like. Tiny compared to The Storm but I love the proportions of the new bodywork. Will strip the plastics off next week and get them to the painters. Roll on 2010!

Roger – Northern Ireland

Hi Edgar,
Received the shocks yesterday!
They must be stock as they couldn't of made anything up that quick could they?
Anyway, they look amazing, they've really given the bike a new edge.
Thanks for all of your help with everything, I'm sure I'll be in contact with you again but if you don't hear from me before christmas I hope you have a wonderful time and a very happy new year.
I'll send pics of the before and after once it's all finished

Karl - London

Hi Edgar,

Thought I'd reply and send a couple of photos as well. I recently received my
fairing from a local (interstate but Australian) fibreglass place and have
realised how high a quality your products are - there is just no comparison
and if finances allow in the future I may bite the bullet and buy one of
your fairings instead.

Again thanks for all your help and the top quality of your products.

Sean - Australia

Took delivery today of my cafe racer seat, upholstery and shortie front guard. My reaction, in a word, delighted. The quality of your work is superb, and apart from the fact that I will have the items refinished in my chosen colour, the gel coat finish is so good it would not require further treatment. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your products and workmanship to other prospective customers. Looking forward to ordering the remaining kit and thanks again for your polite and efficient service.

Hi everyone,

Project 'Gummi Kuh Racer' continues with the arrival of my fairing, screen and headlight/fairing bracket. I am again pleased to report that all items are manufactured to the highest standards. The moulding and gel coat are flawless and of a weight suitable for prolonged road use. The headlight/fairing bracket, even though it will end up virtually hidden, is nicely welded and fabricated and finished with a good powder coating. If you are worried about parting with your 'hard earned' fear not, this kit is made with care and pride. I think Edgar's web site speaks volumes as regards his approach to his restoration work. Now if I can just get some home decorating finished, maybe I'll be allowed to play in the shed.

Syd - Northern Ireland

Great website. Gotta get me a BMW. I am so very fed up of my Yamaha TRX 850 (great bike, but i am too old and portly for the arse in the air and knee on the ground brigade) that i haven't swung a leg over it in over 12 months, but thanks to you i have fallen in love with bikes again.

I work in engineering and have a degree in motorcycle design, from Kingston upon Thames university, and i have to say that i am impressed with the quality of the manufactured parts on your web site and the glowing praise from your customers.

I can't wait to get a BMW. My dad will be happy that i am looking for proper bike and not a plastic pocket rocket at long last. keep up the excellent work. Bring on the autobahn, das ist wunderba jah?

Steve - UK

Hello flatracer,

My items arrived in good condition Monday in my post office;
I am very satisfied, they are good products.
See you for other purchases.
Thank you very much.

Best regards

Jean-Marc – France

Just one comment, The painter I usally work with, has told me that the fairing quality is one of the best that he has seen lately. He is also used to many rubbish fairings. I will be installing this and the following weekend the fairing, I will contact you in case I have anyproblem. So again thanks for your work

Dear Sir,
Thanks a lot for your kind comments, and no problem for using the pictures in your webpage.

Really, the quality of the fairing helped a lot, very good for painting (this is not usual), accurate pre drilled holes, easy assembly, good explanations from you... Definitely I would recommend anybody your products.

Thanks a lot for your explanations about the spoked wheel. I know somebody that has designed a wheel hub for being used with spokes and rear brake, but according to your comments, I am afraid that I will not be the first one to use it,

Again thanks a lot and my best regards,

Angel – Spain (FlatRacer Ducati 900SS fairing kit)

Hello Edgar,

I got the seat last Wednesday but I was so busy so I've been working on it only yesterday. It is really a gorgeous piece of handicraft, designed to last way longer than the original. I did like very much the general quality and I've been impressed by the stainless steel hinges and screws.
I'm so glad that I've chosen your product, no more rusty saddles, thank you very much!
My kindest regards

Marco – Italy (FlatRacer BMW Dual Sports Seat)


Attached are some photos of my bike with the new fenders. I’m sending two sets of four photos.

It took the bike out today for a short ride around the neighborhood. It was the first time I’ve ridden it with the new fenders, and I was astounded at the difference the fork brace makes. I immediately noticed that the front end feels much tighter and better. I’m anxious now to ride it on some twisty roads.

I am really impressed at how well the parts fit. All of them – the monza fuel cap, the fenders, and the fork brace – seemed not to fit at first, but after working with them I realized they all were so perfectly made that the fit is fine once they are in position!

Tom - USA (Stainless steel mudguard inc fork brace + Monza cap)

Just a thank you.

Great quality, great products, great service.

I will be back for more

Best regards,

Paul Leeson - Redboat Design

Can't thank Edgar and the guys at FlatRacer enough for the help they've given me in customising my 1979 BMW R65. When you become their customer you are not just buying well designed, nicely engineered parts that fit, you also are tapping in to their considerable expertise.

I wanted a solo seat for my bike, which couldn't be found elsewhere on the internet. When I mentioned this in an e-mail exchange they modded one of their seats to fit - it looks (and feels) superb. I also had a problem with my brakes, totally unconnected with parts I had bought, and Edgar very kindly made some suggestions to help me in my predicament.

I would wholeheartedly recommend FlatRacer and will be using them as my first port of call on future projects.

Steve Ward - UK

Dear Edgar,

I have received the BMW 8" Monza fairing and front fender that we discussed. IT IS AMAZING! Everyone I've shown it to can't believe the quality of your workmanship! I haven't installed it yet, but I go to vintage motorcycle gatherings and bring your fairing along with your website information, so others can see where they can get a great product. My hope is that some of them will begin to order from you.

Is there anywhere I can post feedback on your site (or elsewhere) where I could put in a good word for you. I'm sure your product sells itself, but if I can help, I want to.

Mark Frisk