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Cafe Racer's gallery

If you have any Cafe Racer you would like to feature in this Gallery, please do contact us. We'll be more than happy to upload it. Please provide a short description of your bike, your experieces and few pics. Many thanks!

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Syd McCoy Gummi Kuh

This is Gummi Kuh (it has a funny meaning in Germany), an R100RS, transformed in an inspirational Cafe Racer by Syd McCoy, from Northern Ireland. Syd has been toiling for the last few months in his beloved shed, bringing slowly this bike to life as a stunning BMW Cafe Racer!

With quite a few trick bits, such as a billet alloy triple clamp, Konis, FlatRacer kit etc, the R will be a remarkable Caff! To be painted in a rich cream colour, beautiful yet understated.

Syd will keep us updated on his progress, so watch this space!

Chuck McGowen Cafe Racer

This is Messerschmitt, in the process of being tranformed in a pukka Cafe Racer by Chuck McGowen, from Texas, USA. In fairly good condition when bought, it had rare period race alloy wheels, Lester I believe, which were very popular back in the Seventies.

Chuck intends to transform this R100/7 in a fashion similar to the outstanding bikes from Perry Bushong, from Fort Worth, Texas, who re-designed the famous Knoscher tail section.

Chuck will keep us updated of his progress, so keep an eye!

Jon Lars Sorenson Cafe Racers

Jon Lars Sorenson, from Beverly, Washington State in the USA, kindly sent us some pics of his magnificient work on his BMW Airhead Cafe Racers. His level of workmanship and attention to the detail is an inspiration for all of us. Please read Jon's account of his Cafe Racer adventure, starting with the R80GS (red), which took him 4 years to build:

"Ever since I read my first Dunstall Norton catalogue in 1971, the cafe bike has been my favourite style of motorcycle. As I actually started to ride motorcycles I found the airhead BMW to be the best choice for my needs.

Over the years I studied the bike, and the information published by Jim Roche, Oak Okleshen, Reg Pridmore, and others, until I figured out what could be done to modify an airhead.

The philosophy of BMW to emphasize interchange ability among models and production years begs for the experiment: take the best of the bits, and see what you can do.

I choose the Monolever frame as a start because it has a lightweight swing arm, spoked hub, and keeps the durable oil-bathed driveshaft.
The R80G/S engine also has the lighter clutch/flywheel, single-row timing chain, and adapts to Nikasil cylinders, among other upgrades. The package is a good starting point for this project."

Jon's gold bike is a R90S from 1976, which he transformed in a catchy Cafe Racer, finished in Gold as an homage to his brother Nels R100RS in the same colour.

Quite a few unique details went on this bike such as trimmed the front fender, the lowered and extended the headlight position, stainless fork brace from Craig Vechorik, the Hoske exhaust, the Works shocks, the Hella turn signals and Bumm mirrors.

New Mikuni carbs were fitted for that extra performance along with special bracketery, rear engine cover plate to replace the old air box filter etc, etc.
The front wheel was built by Buchanan's Spoke & Rim, it is a deep section 18 X 2.15 front rim fitted with floating discs."

Absolutely stunning!

Ray Luke's BMW Cafe Racer.

It has been modified during 8 months, using a Flatracer tank and tail section unit, with a silver paintwork matched by the racy blue stripping, it attracts lots of attention and interest in the local Classic Bike meets that Ray attends.

David Duryea R80 Mono

David Duryea from USA sent us a pic of his own BMW R80 Monolver from 1985 that he's slowly but surely transforming it in a pukka Cafe Racer.

It has been modified during 8 months, using a Flatracer tail section unit and David is considering fitting a FlatRacer fairing to complement the tail, creating a smooth Caff.

David will keep us updated on his work.

Michel Gode R100 S Cafe Racer

Michel Gode from France is in the laborious process of transforming his R100 S in scorcher of a Cafe Racer. Here his few pics as teaser for the final article.

It has been modified, using a Flatracer fairing kit unit and short mudguard, a universal fitting tail section, polished Raask rear sets, Fournales shocks, AP Racing brakes and a ultra rare works type large sump.

Michel will keep us updated as he carries out his conversion.

Jose Maceira R100

Jose Maceira from Spain is the process of transforming is R100 in a stunning Cafe Racer.

It has been modified for the past few months, using a Flatracer tail section unit, clip ons and Raask MiniZoom silencers.

Jose will keep us updated with his work.

David Perez R80RT Cafe Racer

David Perez from Spain is the process of transforming is R80RT in a pukka Cafe Racer.

It has been modified for the past few months, using a Flatracer sold Giuliari type of seat, clip ons and Raask rear sets, among few other tasty mods by David.

Michael Dickens BMW Cafe Racer

Michael Dickens from Canada has just finshed converting his old Airhead in a nostalgic Cafe Racer.

It has been modified for the past few months, using a Koscher tail and a Flatracer upholstered base, clip ons, megaphone silencers, a cool fly screen among few other tasty mods by Michael.