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Cafe Racer's gallery IV

If you have any Cafe Racer you would like to feature in this Gallery, please do contact us. We'll be more than happy to upload it. Please provide a short description of your bike, your experieces and few pics. Many thanks!

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Mark Byfield BMW R80 Monolever Cafe Racer

Mark has just completed his Monolever Cafe Racer and we can honestly say that it is one of the most striking Cafe Racers we came across. The simplicity and elegance of its lines plus the stance is absolutely spot on.

Mark built this striking Cafe Racer around a tired R80 Monolver from 1985. He used our own Ducati re-creation fairing kit, a early /5 Series fuel tank (also used on /6 Series) and a Ducati Imola 750SS tail section that required the rear sub-frame to be cut and shortened. Mark says it is quite uncomfortable and changed the tail for another more comfy but it spoiled the looks so he will sacrifice the comfort and will revert to this arrangement.

Mark is certainly no stranger to bikes, riding and competing in Motocross and Enduro events from early age so this was a big change for him in riding style and he loves it! In his own words, "sounds like a tractor, goes like a train!"

Scott Schermerhorn Cafe Racer

Scott has very kindly sent us these pics of his BMW Cafe Racer project. He has been toiling away with one of our FlatRacer Full kits in order to fit in his classic BMW. Not only he has upgraded and enhanced the riding qualities and performance of the original bike, he also created what it is quite simply a stunning result using the BMW R90S 1975 Daytona Orange paintwork scheme.

Scott has promised to send us few more details of the build and better quality photos so stay tuned.

Chris Lovatt Cafe Racer.

Chris has recently sold his Cafe Racer through eBay after a mere 3 days of advertising it for sale. The response and positive feedbacks came in droves and we actually had quite a few enquiries about our products and BMW bikes thanks to Chris ad.

Chris fitted a FlatRacer tail kit and fairing kit to his 83 bike, complemented with the usual clip ons and Raask rear sets but decided to keep his original tank, finished off with our own Monza cap kit. The bodywork was finished to a high standard paintjob in black with go faster stripes in silver. Looks were further improved with the Dunstall replica silencers and round rocker covers.

Handling has been improved thanks to our tubular steel fork brace complemented with the Flatracer short GRP mudguard.

Kei Kagami R60/5 Cafe Racer

Kei is a Japanese artist living in London for quite a few years now and has made a big name for himself in fashion styling where his revolutionary designs are always ground breaking.

His attention to detail and craftmanship is staggering and it extends to his bikes too. Kei has restored several old BMWs in the past including his R60/2 and a R25.

This R60/5 Cafe Racer was built using an old aftermaket BMW tank designed for the /2 which Kei has re-shaped to feature better flowing lines. It certainly works with the /5 frame and caught ours and everybody's attention at the Ace Cafe. The /5 is now frequently used by Kei's wife, Florence for whom the bike was originally built to.

Tom Coulter R80/100/7 1978 Cafe Racer

Tom has been gradually converting his '78 R 80/7 into a Cafe Racer. The project was started by John Kuhn of Lawrence, KS, who painted the bike, modified the Corbin seat, and did the engine work. The engine has been upgraded to R100 spec, featuring electronic twin spark ignition, optimizing performance and economy.

Tom has decided to keep the silencers the bike came with, some excellent Epco stainless steel replacements, very similar to the original items.

Tom has fitted a Dart fairing, FlatRacer fork brace and 5" stainless front mudguard plus a rear medium mudguard (6") fitted with a L564 tail light assembly. Tom has also adopted one of our Monza caps for his tank.

It looks very elegant and its lines flow very well in a understated way.

Tom is certainly enjoying is revamped ride on the Tennessee roads.

Geert Baudet R100 RT 1983 Cafe Racer

Geert hails from Belgium and has been toiling on his BMW R100RT from 1983 for some time. The results are plain to see and his bike looks fantastic.

With great care and attention to details, his bike has been overhauled, restored and converted into a stunning Cafe Racer using one of our Full Kits featuring our Ducati replica fairing fitted with an acrylic headlight cover.

Gabriel Estelrich R90/6

Gabriel has been rebuilding his R90/6 into a stylish and usable ride in his native Palma de Mallorca island (Islas Baleares - Spain).

For the sake of comfort, Gabriel has fitted rised bars and a solo seat commonly found on TIC (Police) bikes. As a touch of pratical styling, Gabriel has fitted one of our Flatracer FlyScreens, painted black to match the glossy paintwork. The Megaton silencers provide the right soundtrack.