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Cafe Racer's gallery III

If you have any Cafe Racer you would like to feature in this Gallery, please do contact us. We'll be more than happy to upload it. Please provide a short description of your bike, your experieces and few pics. Many thanks!

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Jonathan Robbison's BMW R80/7 Cafe Racer

Jon kindly sent us some photos of his Cafe Racer, a very low mileage (17k)R80/7, of 1980 vintage. It has been stripped to the last nut and bolt, and rebuilt from the ground up, starting with a powder coated frame and cycle parts and lashings of stainless steel fixings. Originally running with wires and alloy rims, now sporting a set of period Lester cast wheels. It has been fitted with a FlatRacer kit by the previous owner, Jonathan has added a 900SS top fairing and relocated the indicators under the cylinders. (Sounds odd, but it works).

Paintwork by Joe Ramos from Durham (UK), a very talented painter, whom Jonathan highly recommends for his work. Joe can be reached on his phone number 07708 433 491 (UK).

Angel Vinas R100 RS

Angel hails from Southern Spain and has generously agreed to share few photos with us of his R100RS which he has restored painstakingly. It features our own FlatRacer Ducati Bevel fairing kit , which Angel has cleverly domed our own acrylic headlight cover, an evocation of the Commando Production Racer fairing and has fitted an original Schorch Meier (Giuliari) seat.

Angel painted his bike in the traditional BMW livery of jet black and double white pin stripping and has provided us with glowing positive feedback on the quality of our parts, for which we are very grateful.

Johan Meus stunning BMW Monolever Cafe Racer.

Johan hails from Belgium and decided to modify his 1993 BMW R80 RT, a brave choice as Monolever and Paralever bikes are more challenging to modify.

Johan has used several of our components including our own FlatRacer fairing and tail kits plus Tarozzi race clip ons. The final result is absolutely stunning and a credit for Johan efforts.

Nigel Greenwood BMW R100RS

Nigel has been slowly refurbishing his beloved R100RS from his home in Victoria British Columbia in Canada. Having decided to upgrade his bike with the BMW Solo seat expensive period option, Nigel quickly realised that these are no longer available from BMW perhaps due to their previous special order item price of well over $1500! Most of used seats on the market were rotted beyond economical and practical salvation, notwithstanding $400-500 asking prices.

Nigel turned then to us and acquired our own BMW Solo seat replica and sprayed himself the seat cowl with excellent results. The final result is stupendous and really sets the bike sports lines quite nicely.

David Mazuecos 1982 BMW R100 RT

David decided to convert his trusty R100 RT in a Cafe Racer, opting for an unusual colour scheme of white and black wheels, complimented with a traditional chequer pattern.

David used our own FlatRacer tail kit, complimented by the Daytona long silencers and slightly more comfortable than clip ons, the Raask Jota type handlebars.

David enjoys to take his Cafe Racer for a spin in the local twisties in his native sunny Southern Spain.

Ed Tadzik BMW R80 Cafe Racer

Ed is a full hands on deck man and a veteran at modifying and maintaining a long list of bikes he has owned over the years.

Ed came across this R80 Paralever by one of his customers and decided to convert it to a striking Cafe Racer, in orange to match his VW van! It sports our own FlatRacer tail section but keeps the original fuel tanks albeit fitted with the FlatRacer Monza cap kit. The rear sets by Raask did require some minor tweaking as they were designed for the Monolver frames. Ed then finished the bike with subtle touches such as bar end mirrors and indicators.

The final result and the finish quality is fine testament to Eds' skill, who is an experienced sail boat rig equipment manufacturer, now settled in Norway.

You can find Ed and more details of his outstanding work at

Chris Burkhardt BMW R80 Monolver

Chris uses his Monolever everyday and despite being very happy with its capabilities, we wanted to enhance the riding qualities and improve its looks.

His bike has served as an experiment for us as we never modfied a /7 Cafe Racer seat to fit a Monolver nor did we ever fitted polished alloy trims to it but the end result works really well. Chris then decided to fit our 5" stainless mudguards together with our fork brace which he re-drilled in order for the mudguard to sit closer to the wheel.

Chris loves electrics and electronics (and challenges) and was actually our first customer to fit one of our electronic speedos designed to fit BMWs. Chris has very kindly passed his experiences to us in order to help other riders so if you need any explanation of these bikes wiring and the fitting of a electronic speedo, we will gladly pass ours and Chis' advice and experiences.

Follow Chris' progress on his blog at:

Mal Bennetts' /6 Cafe Racer

Mal has very kindly sent us the photos of his finished project, a R75/6 BMW.

It sports a FlatRacer tail kit fitted with a period Miller tail light, a US spec Toaster fuel tank, black powder coated rims, chromed original headlight keeping the original speedo/tacho in place albeit with a new facia to complement the Old English White bodywork.

The front end came from a later bike that has the better Brembo F08 callipers set up. The original and ealier ATE system works fine but it is more tricky to adjust correctly so this is a very common upgrade.

Mal has managed to create a stunning bike keeping the costs in the real world.