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FlatRacer BMW R90S and R2v /7 Series Dual sports seat

FlatRacer BMW R90S and R2v /7 Series Dual sports seat

First shown in the 1974 BMW R90S and later adopted by the RS/RT ranges plus all the later /7 series such as S, CS, T etc, it proved to be a very popular option, combining an attractive look with comfort and practicality but unfortunately the seat bases are made of steel that after several wet winters, dissolved to crumbling rust.

This pattern seat has been developed by us with the mission of producing a very accurate replica of the highest quality, ditching the metal bases has these rust notoriously. Fits exactly as per the original with a seat base made of sturdy GRP (5-7mm), for corrosion resistance and strength, finished in semi-gloss black, for that original look, extra strong (5-7mm thick), reinforced with 600gr/m2 woven roving (similar to yatch construction methods), flexible yet nigh on unbreakable. No more rusty seats!

Fitted with a very precise and accurate replica of the original seat cover and foam, produced exactly in the same dimensions as BMW designed it over 40 years ago.

Special care was given to the edges and drilling points with each seat assembly individually checked and finished by hand by us. All the captive threaded nuts are present (M5) in order to fit the original or our pattern seat cowl, exactly in the same positions as the original BMW seat. The seat base is pre-trimmed and drilled to accept the original service booklet lid (fitted for illustration purposes only - no longer available new from BMW).

It also includes our own upgraded stainless steel hinges, zinc plated steel locking rod and its conical rubber stop, all the rubber stops fitted on the base plus all the necessary seat fasteners, including those for the cowl, in stainless steel, pre-fitted.

The FlatRacer seat assembly includes a very accurate replica of the original seat cowl, made of sturdy, glossy white GRP (black available as a special request), pre-trimmed and drilled, complete with an original BMW logo and fitted with our own high quality pattern rear luggage rack in black (chrome available at extra cost of £10), complete with all the necessary stainless fasteners and BMW spacers.


Please don't confuse this seat with other patterns on the market, our seat base alone weighs more than double than most pattern seats on the market and the care we lavish in each seat shines through!

Recommended products

Below is a list of optional/add on items that we compiled to be used with this BMW R2v /7 Series seat. If you have any specific requirements regarding parts, fit or trim, please do contact us, we will be more than pleased to assist you.

BMW Dual Sports seat rear tool tray

BMW R90S and R2v /7 Series Dual Sports seat rear tool tray

An original BMW item, mould injected hard plastic, ready to bolt on (fasteners are not included).


FlatRacer BMW Dual Sports seat foam & vinyl cover repair kit

FlatRacer BMW Dual Sports seat foam & vinyl cover repair kit

We commissioned the production of very accurate mould injected foams with the correct hardness/density and hot pressed vinyl seat cover with the correct patterns, as seen on the original BMW R2v R90S and /7 Series cowled dual seats

As used on our own BMW Dual Sports seat replica, these are essential if you wish to restore/repair your original seat to its former glory.

Early plain seat cover also available for the first R90S seats, please contact us for availability.


FlatRacer BMW Dual Sports seat cowl

FlatRacer BMW R2v Boxer R90S & /7 Dual Sports seat cowl

Made to our usual high standards of sturdiness, build quality and finish. Unlike other replicas on the market, our cowl is a very accurate reproduction, down to the sharp lines and indentations on the edges where the seat itself bolts to.

Fits exactly as the original. GRP made, high quality, an excellent way to replace your damaged cowl or perhaps convert your Airhead to this type of seat.

Please note that this seat cowl is supplied un-drilled.


BMW Dual Sports seat black luggage rack

A very popular extra, very useful if travelling or regularly carrying luggage.

Very nicely made and finished in the original BMW finish - Satin Black. Sturdier and better built than the originals (which tended to corrode quite quickly). A very accurate replica and fits exactly as the original BMW rack.

Other fittings are also available separately, such as spacers and fasteners. A truly excellent add on or as a replacement for your exisitng corroded one. Chrome version available at extra cost

Hand grab rail as seen on the R90S in chrome finish also available, please click More Info.

Fits all BMW R2v /7 and R90S models plus our own FlatRacer BMW Cafe Racer seat.


FlatRacer BMW R2v typ 247 stainless steel hinges

FlatRacer BMW R2v typ 247 stainless steel hinges

These hinges are often missing or rotten and frequently distorted if the rubber stops are not supporting the seat correctly on the rear sub-frame.

We have developed this hinge set to be a very accurate replica of the original hinges but surdier and rust proof as they are made of stainless steel (304/A2 grade).

Replaces the original items fitted on the /5, /6 and /7 Series bikes (1969-1984). Sold as matching pair. Outstanding value for money. Inferior BMW steel items cost over £60 per pair.


FlatRacer BMW R2v seat locking spigot assembly

FlatRacer BMW R2v Boxer seat locking spigot assembly

This locking spigot is often damaged or rusted. We have developed this replica spigot to fit on our own seats and allow the repair of the original seat bases.

Made to OEM specification, zinc plated M8 spigot fitted with the correct conical hard rubber stop, it includes the correct locking nut and washer.

Replaces the original items fitted on the /5, /6 and /7 Series plus R45/65 and Monolever models. Fitting of rivnuts may be required in some repairs, contact us for more details.