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FlatRacer BMW R2v Dell Orto PHM38 conversion kit

FlatRacer BMW R2v Dell Orto PHM38 conversion kit

The famous and legendary "pumper" Dell'Orto carburettors fitted to the BMW R90S. Outstanding performance due to its accelerator pump design (injecting additional 4cc of fuel every time you WOT) giving instant acceleration through the gears.

After many requests from our customers to have a ready made kit, we present you our FlatRacer BMW R2v Dell Orto PHM38 conversion kit. This kit comprises all the necessary parts to fit on the pre 1981 BMW R2v Series. It includes:

  • Pair of brand new Dell Orto PHM 38's (pair)
  • Stainless steel cylinder head adaptor stubs (pair)
  • Original BMW inlet tract tubes (pair)
  • Original BMW rubber sleeves (pair)
  • K&N replacement air filter
  • Pair of throttle cables
  • Pair choke cables
    • Original 70mm Dell Orto alloy bell mouths and conical air filters are also available as optional fitting to the replacement air filter. Please do contact us with your specific requirements and we will compose a kit to your specifications.

      PHM40s (40mm) are also available as special request but please bear in mind that these are only really suitable for race/tuned engines.

      A vast range of spares for these Dell orto carburettors are available including jets, needles, slides, air trumpets (bellmouths), tuning manual, etc. Please contact us with your requirements.

      Kits for later bikes also available although some modifications (cables) are required.

Dell Orto BMW R2v conversion kit - side


Recommended products

Below is a list of optional/add on items that we compiled to be used with this item. If you have any specific requirements regarding parts, fit or trim, please do contact us, we will be more than pleased to assist you.

Dell Orto PHM38 air trumpets / bellmouths (pair)

Original Dell Orto alloy bellmouths / air velocity trumpets, specifically designed for theDell Orto PHM38 and PHM40 carburettors, as fitted on the BMW R90S and other modified BMW R2v Boxer series. Threads onto carburettor body (M52 x 1.25 thread).

Outstanding build quality and finish, dazzling looks and a must for race developed engines.

Please note that carburation/ignition tuning may be required and air filtration will be reduced in comparison to K&N and original paper replacement air filters thus accelerating engine wear.

Similar trumpets also available for the original BMW Bing CV carbs, Please click More Info for details.


Pair of conical cotton air filters

High performance conical air filters, indicated for tuned up engines with power at higher rpm (peaky cams).

Cotton filter gauze with chrome finish end plate, washable and reusable. Complete with jubilee clips.

Available for 32, 38 and 40mm, Bing and Dell'Orto carbs. Other sizes available upon request. Sold here per pair.

Replacement K&N air filters also available, please click More info for further details.


Dell Orto manual choke levers (pair)

Dell Orto manual choke levers for the PHM38 and PHM40 carburettors.

Ideal for BMW Cafe Racers fitted with the Dell orto carbs. It replaces the cumbersome cable set up, cleaning up the looks.

A very good solution if removing the original air filter box or using one of our alloy engine top covers (see listing below).

Very simple to operate by pulling the levers on both carbs during warm up. Depress fully to close choke action.


Dell Orto motorcycle tuning + guide manual

Essential reading if you are rebuilding or tweaking these Dell Orto carburettors for motorcycles. It includes explanation on venturi effect and air flow to better understand your engine air flow demands.

Carburetion tuning software supplied in a CD-ROM also available at extra cost. This simplifies the work of figuring out the ideal jets, needles, pilots etc. for your engine. Please contact us if interested and we shall add it to your order.


BMW R2v engine alloy top cover

BMW R2v Airhead engine alloy top cover. Sand cast alloy cover that replaces the orignal starter motor cover and air filter box. Close match to the engine alloy finish and precison machined for accurate fit. Ideal if running carburettor bellmouths / trumpets or conical air filters. Excellent quality and finish, made in small batches for us in Germany.

Sporty, sleek and elegant.

Please be aware that you will need to re-route the engine breather hose(s) and relocate the choke lever on pre 81 motorcycles. Drilling may be required for inter-connecting fuel hose.

Other accessories available including alternative budget GRP cover. Please click More info


MegaCone exhaust silencers - pair

Pair of high quality chrome steel reverse cone short megaphone silencers. It will accept header manifolds of 45 to 38mm by using the supplied adaptive collars. Slightly longer than the other Mega silencers, total lenght of 19" (483mm).

Not as loud as the MegaTons and non-repackable. Complete with a universal adjustable bracket.

These are among the easiest universal silencers to fit on the BMW R2v twinshock /5 to /7 Series. Also available per unit if you so require.

Sold here as a pair.