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BMW Classic Cafe Racer kit

BMW Classic Cafe Racer kit

We have designed and developed this kit for those who wish to transform their classic BMW R2v Airhead into a great period looking Cafe Racer yet keeping its practicality.

Our BMW Classic Cafe Racer kit features the following:

  • Giuliari Sports replica Cafe Racer seat w/ side alloy trims
  • Rear stainless steel 5.50" medium rear mudguard incl. fittings
  • Lucas 564 tail light assembly, pre-fitted
  • Fork brace kit featuring our s/s 5" short front mudguard
  • Monza deluxe alloy fuel cap kit
  • Cast alloy headlight pegs (can be altered to accept ign. switch)
  • Ace Senior handlebars (minor mods may be required to fit)
  • Stainless steel round bar end mirror
  • MegaTon exhaust silencers
    • It comprises our Giuliari Sports replica seat, featuring a very sturdy black powder coated metal base, zinc plated steel hinges and locking spigot with the correct BMW OEM conical rubber stop. It locks and hinges as per the original, making it a straight forward, bolt on conversion

      In addition, we have included our new 6" (or the more rounded and narrower 5") stainlesss steel mudguard with a pre-fitted L564 tail light. The mudguard is pre-trimmed, pre-drilled and pre-mated, making a simple job to replace the original fibreglass item. To complement the period look, we've added our own fork brace kit featuring a matching 5" short s/s front mudguard.

      To further enhance the period look we have included the Ace Senior bar fitted using the original bar clamps, a s/s bar end mirror plus some very nice looking cast alloy, Ceriani type, headlight brackets (which can be easily modified to accept the BMW ignition switch pivot on pre 85 bikes). We've also included our deluxe polished alloyMonza cap, a direct replacement for all the post 1976 screw in/flush caps.

      To finish, we've included our favourite silencers, the MegaTons, which are also one of the easiest to fit on the BMW R2v /5 to /7 frames.

      This kit is designed to fit the BMW /7 series. We can offer similar kits for other series, please do contact us with your requirements.


This kit will fit straight in all BMW /7 (76-84) Series.

Please contact us for alternative options for the earlier BMW /5 & /6 Series and later R45/65 & Monolever Series (85 on).

Recommended products

Below is a list of optional/add on items that we have compiled to be used with this kit. If you have any specific requirements regarding parts, fit or trim, please do contact us, we will be more than pleased to cater for your specific requirements.

FlatRacer BMW forks pre-load adjusters

Our new fork pre-load adjusters, made of 304 grade stainless steel and phosphorous bronze, an overkill of engineering.

Outstanding looks and quality. It allows fine adjustment of fork pre-load by pre-loading the internal fork springs. This allows to control ride height, control dive and allow for a more firm and stable ride. Recommended fit with progressive front springs allied to our tubular steel fork brace. Designed to fit all BMW R2v /6 and /7 Series 36mm forks (1973-1984).

Stainless steel steering stem/top yoke centre nut also available in stainless steel along with many other stainless acessories. Please click More Info for further details.


BMW /5 Stainless steel side panels

Originally introduced by BMW as an option for the later BMW R2v /5 Series and standard equipment for some USA models, these were not overly popular, not least in Europe where the BMW riders' taste was somewhat more restrained.

These side panels are high quality stainless steel stampings, accurate replicas of the originals. Please note that these do NOT feature the the black painted stripes.

These fit exactly as per the originals (a rubber band and the four tangs on the rear sub-frame, often missing). Fits all /5, /6 and /7 Series (69-84). Very cool and period looking!

Out of stock

Acewell billet alloy 70mm electronic speedo

Electronic speedo/tacho unit, enclosed in an attractive billet alloy conical shaped pod, complete with a mounting alloy bracket to aid fitting on most top yokes, including the BMW plate (drilling may be required).

Digital multi-functions in one, displays tachometer, speedometer, odometer. and fuel meter (if fitted) simultaneously. It includes 6 LED warning lamps for indicators, sidelights, main beam, oil pressure and neutral. Fully waterproof and vibration and shock tested up to 10G. Complete with a specifically designed BMW speed sensor that fits exactly in the same way as the original mechanical sensors (gearbox).

Other speedo units available, please click More Info for further details.


BMW round rocker covers set

A very popular modification on the post 1976 bikes, which had the later black angular shaped covers. Made in Germany, very high quality alloy casting.

Straight fit, no modifications necessary. Fits all Airhead engines (1969-1996).

Complete with new side studs and nuts plus the necessary rocker cover gaskets. Sold as a pair.

Other useful accessories are also available, please click More info.


BMW stainless steel fastener kit

Add a bit of bling to your ride! This kit comprises of virtually all of the external fasteners on the bike including the engine studs (often rusty and damaged). All fasteners are individually hand turned on a lathe to a high standard of finish.

No more rusty bolts, stainless steel fasteners are easy to clean and maintain. It is most important to coat all threads with copper grease or molybdenum disulphide grease and not overtighten it. Contain 185 to 245 items, depending on the model.

Please indicate your bike's model, year, frame and engine number when ordering.

We have a varied range of stainless steel parts for the BMW R2v, please click More Info to check all other BMW stainless steel products we do offer for sale.


FlatRacer BMW R2v /7 rear sets kit

Our newly designed rear set kit, integrating the famed Tarozzi foot pegs and pedals. It features our own designed linkages plus all the necessary stainless steel fasteners, nylon spacers and rose joints.

Featuring the M10 fixed pegs with bare alloy knurl finish. We can also supply this kit with the fixed pegs with rubber inserts (matt black pedals) at no extra cost. Folding pegs are also available at extra cost but please note their M12 mounting bolts will require some frame modifications (drilling).

Outstanding period look, quality and durabilty, designed to fit all BMW R2v Serie /7 (please specify your model and year when ordering). For the earlier /5 and /6, R45/65 and Monolevers models please contact us for alternative options.