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FlatRacer BMW Cafe Racer full kit

FlatRacer BMW Cafe Racer full kit

For those looking for the ultimate conversion kit. It includes nearly all the parts you will need to convert your Airhead into a stunning BMW Cafe Racer!

The FlatRacer BMW Cafe Racer full kit includes our exclusive GRP cosmetic parts, built to our usual high standards.

Our GRP parts are built using only high quality vynil polyester isophthalic resins and gel coats. All high stress areas are built using 360/600 woven roving, as per boat hull construction, light and flexible yet incredibly strong.

All other areas have several layers of 300/ 450 gpm chopped strand mat, usually more than double the thickness found elsewhere. As very seldom seen, we apply surface tissue on visible areas such as the fairings inner surfaces for a smooth look.

All the parts are individually checked, pre-trimmed, pre-drilled and pre-fitted, requiring only minimal work to paint and fit on your bike. It comprises:

  • Fork brace kit incl. short GRP mudguard and fittings
  • Top fairing, incl pre-trimmed and drilled screen and fasteners
  • Fairing headlight cover, pre-trimmed, drilled and incl fasteners
  • Fairing complete fitting hardware (mods may be required)
  • FlatRacer deluxe alloy Monza fuel cap kit (fits all post 1976 tanks)
  • Spandau Tail kit incl upholstered seat base w/ pre-fitted alloy trim
  • Cat Eye tail light/alloy plate holder, pre-fitted
  • Tail section BMW 70mm roundel logo
  • FlatRacer stainless steel short rear mudguard including fittings
  • Tarozzi race clip ons
  • FlatRacer rear sets
  • Megaton short exhaust silencers (pair)
    • This kit includes the necessary fitting brackets (fairing), stainless steel fasteners, rubber bobbins, rubber washers, conical cup washers etc.

      Package deal price of £1249.99, saving over 10% compared with individually sold items.

Pete Milligan BMW R100 Cafe Racer III


NB: This kit is made to order, please contact us for the delivery schedule. Our fairing requires the use of low bars such clip ons. It may also restrict the turning circle and suspension travel. Use of rear sets is also recommended. Please contact us for more info and advice.

Optional / Recommended products

Below is a list of optional/add on items that we compiled to be used with this kit. If you have any specific requirements regarding parts, fit or trim, please do contact us, we will be more than pleased to assist you.

FlatRacer BMW R2v Airhead 70-84 add on handling kit

Flatracer BMW R2v Airhead handling kit designed to fit thw twin shock models (70-84). This kit will transform and improve significantly the handling of your bike, especially when used in conjunction with the FlatRacer fork brace kit (included in the Full Cafe Racer kit) No modifications are necessary, simply bolt on or direct replacement. It comprises:

Ready to be fitted on your bike, it comprises:  

  • Progressive front suspension springs
  • BMW fork seals (essential)
  • FlatRacer fork pre-load adjusters
  • Hagon 2810 adjustable rear shock absorbers
    • Similar kits are available for post 85 BMW Monolevers at extra cost. Please contact us.


Billet alloy electronic 70mm speedometer / tachometer

Electronic Speedo/Tachometer, complete with a specifically designed BMW sensor.

The speedo head is enclosed in an attractive billet alloy conical shaped pod, complete with a mounting alloy bracket to aid fitting on most top yokes, including the BMW top plate (drilling may be required).

Other versions available including a stunning 85mm unit bursting with additional features such as lap timer and analoge tacho needle.

For technical specs and further details on this unit, please click More Info.


BMW /6 & /7 stainless steel compact battery tray kit

BMW R2v Series /6 and /7 Stainless small steel battery tray, designed to accept the more modern and powerful gel/AGM/Lithium batteries such as the Odyssey PC680.

It includes a stainless top retainer plate, knurled stainless retaining nuts, 5 short silent blocks and all the necessary stainless fasteners.

We can include an original BMW silent block with the longer stud for the rear brake master cylinder on rear disc equipped bikes at extra cost. Please contact us with your request.

Identical s/s cages are also available for Monolever models and /6 & /7 Series fitted with the standard 20/25 amp battery. Part of our full s/s fastener kit, click More info for further details.


BMW R2v engine alloy top cover

BMW R2v Airhead engine alloy top cover. Sand cast alloy cover that replaces the orignal starter motor cover and air filter box. Close match to the engine alloy finish and precison machined for accurate fit. Ideal if running carburettor bellmouths / trumpets or conical air filters. Excellent quality and finish, made in small batches for us in Germany.

Sporty, sleek and elegant.

Please be aware that you will need to re-route the engine breather hose(s) and relocate the choke lever on pre 81 motorcycles.

Other accessories available. Please click More info.


BMW R2v Airhead round rocker cover set

BMW R2v Airhead round rocker covers (kidney shape), standard fitting on all BMW /5 and /6 models. A very popular modification on the post 1976 bikes (BMW /7, R45/65 and Monolever) which had the later black angular shaped covers. Made in Germany, very high quality alloy casting. Straight fit, no modifications necessary. Fits all BMW R2v Airhead engines (1969-1996, type 247 and typ 248).

Complete with new side studs and nuts plus the necessary rocker cover gaskets. Sold as a pair.

Other useful accesories are also available, please click More info.


K&N BMW R2v pre 1980 replacement air filter

K&N needs no introduction, the best replacement air filter for your bike, washable and re-usable, it uses premium quality oiled cotton gauze sandwiched between layers of wire screen.

Except under very dusty conditions K & N filters will only need washing and re-oiling every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. Excellent filtration with improved air flow.

Direct replacement of your original cylindrical paper air filter(fitted on Airheads between 1969-1980), easily fitted in minutes. Replacement K&N air filters also available for post Sept 1980 bikes (flat filter) at extra cost. Please click More info for other air filtration options.


FlatRacer Blink & Wink kit

Essential for day to day running. Our FlatRacer Blink & Wink kit comprises of:

  • 2 x Pairs of Universal adjustable alloy indicators (brushed or chrome finish)
  • 2 x Stainless steel round bar end mirror
    • These are some of our most popular items, now set as a package deal and keener price.

      If you prefer other type of indicators and/or mirror, please do contact us, we will tailor make a kit for you. Please click More info for other options.


FlatRacer BMW /6 & /7 GRP side panels

FlatRacer BMW R2v /6 & /7 pair of pattern GRP side panels, built to you usual high standards and in fact stronger and sturdier than the original mould injected GRP/plaster ones.

Straight replacement, fits exactly as per the original items, using a rubber band (not supplied) through the attached inner metal loops.

As these side panels are easily damaged and lost as their fixing tabs are usually damaged or missing from the frame, we strongly advise you to drill two small holes and fit a pair of plastic ties on each panel in order to secure them safely.