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Are your GRP tanks alchool based fuels compatible? Are they road legal?

Tanks have proved to be very resilient to fuel as we provide a special coat on the inside (based in vinyl ester and isophthalic materials) to further enhance its leak proof capabilities but please note that if you use some of the Alcohol based fuels in higher concentration, we have no chance to assure you that ethanol fuels (like the common E85) will not affect the tank on the long term. In fact, the best material for ethanol storage would be stainless (preferably 304 or 316) as ethanol absorbs vast quantities of water and can corrode certain types of metal, plastic and rubbers, with disastrous consequences to our engines
We can assure you that normal fossil fuel (gasoline) will not affect the tank, in fact, we’ve got a fibreglass tank from end of Fifties made in Germany for a R50 BMW in an amazing condition!

Please note that Ethanol fuels can also damage your bike through water accumulated which can create backfires in your engine and bad running, destroy the rubbers and plastic components in your steel tank, fuel lines and carburettors internals and promote corrosion within your combustion chambers if the bike is laid for too long. This is the reason why modern vehicles designed to run on E85 come equipped with different construction materials and water filters from factory, to resist corrosion in rubbers, plastic, steel, etc.

Some countries do not permit the use of a GRP fuel tank for normal road use (in UK it is allowed), its use being restricted to private and off road and racing events. The theory being that in an event of a crash, the fuel tank could crack and spill its fuel, causing fire although a metal tank would probably split easier along its seams in the event of a violent crash. Obviously, the best material to safeguard this would be a fuel cell employed by racing teams, using Kevlar and other man made fibres but its cost is prohibitive and not suitable for cosmetic applications such as a bike tank.

It is your responsibility to ensure you obey your country legislation so please ensure that you are not breaking the law by consulting your relevant Government officials.

Do you rebuild customer's bikes?

Currently we can offer all the conversion parts sold either individually or as a kit. We are not in a position to offer professional fitting services at the present, although it's something we would hope to be able to do in future.

However, if you need any advice or info or are just struggling with your bike tune up, please do contact us, we’ll be more than happy to help and impart advice in the best of our knowledge.

We'll be writing very soon a few technical articles how to maintain, repair and tune these BMW R2v Series so stay in tune for some useful information!

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