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Acewell 6000 dash pad electronic speedo

Acewell 6000 dash pad electronic speedo

Acewell 6000 dash pad electronic speedometer / tachometer.

Acewell 6000 electronic speedometer and tachometer encased in a sturdy plastic pod, 130.1 x 82.8 x 27mm. Supplied with an alloy mounting bracket.

  • Sturdy plastic ABS dash case, 130.1 x 82.8 x 27mm.
  • Needle tachometer and digital multi-functions in one, displays speed, odometer, trip. clock, voltage, temperature and fuel meter simultaneously.
  • 8 LED warning lamps for indicators, high beam, main beam, battery (charge), temperature, engine maintenance, neutral, oil pressure plus rev-shift light.
  • Total odometer and riding timer counter (total) can be set within 30km of usage thereafter permanently stored in memory.
  • BMW R2v sensor. Other sensor options available
  • Tachometer input: CDI or Ignition Coil Signal
  • Temperature meter (oil or water - sensors available separately)
  • Optional ambient air temperature sensor and readout
  • Voltage display (8-25v)
  • Gear indicator (calculated by speed and engine rpm) R 1, 2...8 gears
  • Shift warning light RPM (pre-set by the user)
  • Displays clock when in standby mode
  • Maintenance reminder (6000 miles)
  • Can be easily switched between MPH and KMH
  • Adjustable wheel circumference from 1 to 3999mm
  • Fuel gauge can work with 100/250/510 ohm senders of off if not required
  • Distance timer Trip RT 0-1/4 mile. 0-100M, 0-400M
  • Acceleration and Deccelaration timer (0-100km/h & 100km/h - 0)
  • 99 sets of LAP timer, each data includes AVG, Lap and trip
  • Lap timer sensor - Push button or optional IR receiver/magnetic field sensor
  • Fully waterproof
  • Includes bracket, speed sensor and wiring harness
  • Vibration (8G) and mechanical shock (10G) tested
  • EMI / EMS tested, E-Mark certificate
  • Fitting instruction and wiring diagrams
    • Additional information:

       - Analogue Tachometer 9,000 RPM (12k & 15k available)
       - Digital Tachometer and warning RPM 0-19900RPM, 100RPM increment
       - Speedometer KM/H / MPH 2.4-300km/h 187.5mph
       - Trip meter 1 & 2 TRIP 1/2 0.0 - 9999.9 km/miles
       - Odometer ODO 0-99999 km / 0-62490 miles
       - 12 / 24 hour clock 0:00 - 11:59 / 23:59
       - Average Speed AVG 2.4 - 399KM/H (248MPH)
       - Riding Timer RT 0-11H59:59
       - Maximum Speed MAX 2.4 - 399KM/H (248MPH)
       - Total Riding Time TT 0-999999H
       - Bar-Fuel Meter +/- 100/250/510 ohms and off


Acewell 6000 warning light list

Supplied with a BMW R2v specific speedo sensor. This sensor fits exactly in the same way as the original mechanical sensors off the BMW R2v Airhead gearboxes.

You can programme the computer to accept whichever differential ratio your bike might have (33/11, 37/11, 32/10) etc. Other sensors are available including universal fit. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Optional / Recommended products

Below is a list of optional/add on items that we compiled to be used with this item. If you have any specific requirements regarding parts, fit or trim, please do contact us, we will be more than pleased to assist you.

Weatherproof 10 pin connector plug

Weatherproof 10 pin connector plug set.

Very useful weatherproof 10 way connector plug, ideally suited to splice/wire an electronic speedo to a BMW R2v electric harness loom in a professional and safe way.

In order to avoid altering the original loom, we would suggest fabricating new sub-looms or even a new instrument loom from scratch. However, If this is not a viable option, we would recommend that if you are splicing your existing loom to this unit, cut the main harness to the clocks with a generous length remaining on the original plug. This set up will allow you to fit this wiring connector and plug it at later date if the need arises to (you will need two sets). See photo of an altered /5 clock fitted with this plug.


Acewell lap timer transmitter - receiver

Acewell lap timer transmitter - receiver

The personal lap timer can connect to any Acewell with lap timer function.

Connect 12v to the IR transmitter and place beside the track.

Connect the sensor to the Acewell computer and watch the lap timer increment each time the sensor passes the IR transmitter.


Teemperature sender hose adaptor

Oil and water temperature sender hose adaptor.

It enables you to fit either a 1/8 NPTor M10x1 fine thread temperature sender onto a oil or water colling rubber hose. Made of anodised alloy, it will suit hose internal diameters of 20, 22, 24 and 26mm. It includes a pair of hose jubillee clips.

Other brass adaptors are also available by request, enabling you to fit a 1/8 NPT sender to an existing threaded hole on your engine block. Sizes available are M12x1.25, M12x1.5, M14x1.25, M14x1.50, M16x1.5, M18x1.5, M20x1.5 and M22x1.5.

Please contact us with your requirements and for a price quote.


Acewell electronic speedo fuel sender

Fuel sender of 100 ohm, suitable for the electronic speedos listed above with this function (85, 70, 73 and dash pod units).

Please note that this electronic fuel sender may require modifications to your fuel tank such as cutting, welding and fabrication. It requires a flat bottom section with sufficient height for the sender's correct operation. Please contact us for advice.

The sender has a square base of 55 by 55mm, a maximum operating height of 160 (minimum of 85mm), the float buoy arm has 100m in lenght and the float buoy itself has 50mm in upright length. Please see annexed diagram for reference.


Acewell remote control / lap timer switch

Acewell remote control switch, complete with handlebar mounting braket. Designed as an optional accessory for the 85mm billet alloy speedo and the electronic dash unit. It will NOT fit the smaller models (73, 70 and 52mm units).

Simple, ergonomic and effectivet two push button operation. One button allows you to control the lap timer function of your electronic speedo unit with a push of your thumb. The other button allows you to scroll through the unit menu of options and functions.

A very useful addition, especially if you are a regular track day rider.


Oil temperature sender

Acewell oil temperature sender

Oil temperature sender, suitable for the electronic speedos listed above with this function.

These can be screwed in in yor engine block or oil / water coolant pipes and hoses. Sizes available are 1/8 NPT, M6, M10 x 1mm, M12 x 1.25, M12 x 1.50, M14 x 1.25 and M14 x 1.5mm. Modifications (drill and tap) may be required.

BMW engine sump plug adaptors (M18) now available! Contact us for more details!

Please contact us with your requirements and for a price quote.

Adaptors also available for splicing it into your existing oil or coolant hoses.